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 No power greater. . .

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Azendal Verisi


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PostSubject: No power greater. . .   Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:04 pm

It was night, closer to midnight than any other time though the moon was hidden behind the darkening clouds of a thunderstorm that was fast approaching. A few infected Lycans were padding around the Dragon Falls, a few of them managing to make their way up to the peak of the Fall's where the grave of Azendal was, the lush grassy area untouched by the blight of the infection. There was a crack of lightning not to far off, followed by the rolling thunder that frightened the rabid beasts. A few moments passed before another strike of lightning, this one much larger and stronger than the previous hits the grave of Azendal, creating an explosion of dirt and debris from the surrounding elements. The werewolves howled in fright and retreated, watching the spot that had been struck.

A few moments passed and nothing happened, the Lycans soon loosing interest in the blackened earth of the gravesight. They started padding away, but one turned to notice the mound of earth that remained began to shift, moving around. Ignoring his disgusting compatriots, the creature moves to inspect the occurance, bringing it's nose close to sniff the earth. As soon as it's nose touches the dirt a gout of fire explodes from the grave, the torrent of golden flame consuming the creature in seconds without so much as even a howl. The other's whirl around, snarling at whatever had taken their compatriot.

A hand springs out of the grave, clawing at the earth as a body pulled itself from the earth, covered by dirt and mud as rain started to fall from the sky, a torrential downpour in seconds. The figure bloomed forth from the grave, the infected creatures not know what to do about this new being that emerged from the earth. Soon, a dark figure in muddied desert style clothing was standing ontop of the grave, one of it's arms cut off at the elbow with a golden circlet wrapped around the stump. A pair of crimson eyes flashed as the being opened it's eyes, baring a maw of sharp teeth as it exhaled. The creature looked at it's only hand, flexing it slowly

"I'm. . . Alive. . . I'M ALIV!"

He would lean back and roar loudly, his howl sounding so similar to that of a Dragon's though it was drowned out by another crack of lightning and thunder. The Lycan's didn't understand what was going on, but their fear was soon overtaken by the effects of the disease, a few of them lunging at the boy. As the boy continued to roar a pillar of black and golden flames erupts from his body, incinerating the lycan's as they entered the pillar. As the boy finishes his roar he falls into a relaxed position, a deadly grin on his face.

"You. . . You're the reason I'm here. . . You hurt her. . ."

The battle lasted only fifteen seconds, but it seemed like hours as the boy stood atop the peak of the Dragon Falls, one of the Lycan's head's clutched in his only hand. His clothes and fingers were bloody, the bodies of the Lycan's strewn out behind him lookins as if they had been beaten to death by nothing more than punches and kicks. A few of them bore burn marks on their flesh and fur, all of them as dead as the boy was moments ago. He looks towards the light of the City and narrows his eyes, the rain somewhat washing away the mud and blood to reveal red and golden fabrics of desert desgin

"Eldarus. . . Rynn. . . Shizukesa. . . Vincent. . . Maxwell. . . My friends. . . "

He leans back and roars loudly again, this one louder than the first

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No power greater. . .
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