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 Rokaz Gallo

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PostSubject: Rokaz Gallo   Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:01 am

Name: Rokaz Gallo

Age: 29

Race: Human

Class: Assassin

Specialty: Can fight with multiple weapon tips as per required by his training, but specializes with small bladed weapons both for medium ranged combat and close melee fights.

Personality: Rokaz is not exactly the most talkative person, but at the same time he is not rude enough to brush people off unless they seem to be getting on his nerves or he is in a rush to get somewhere important. Now that I think about it Rokaz has quite a bit of manors for a man that grew up as poor as he had but often he considers himself the lowest of classes, which may be understandable for a man that makes a living of doing dirty work.

This man may very well be a well-trained killer but it is not something he will often gloat about. Rokaz has decided to keep his profession under wraps and decided to use a short term lie of being jobless but looking into starting a blacksmithing business by him. The decision to use this lie was last second but it seemed to fit pretty well and when it came down to it Rokaz realized the lie didn’t sound as bad as he had thought. Maybe he could live a life without death. This of course was most likely never going to change for Rokaz had such hopeful thinking before in his life and it was always resolved with he truly didn’t know anything about being a blacksmith other than when it came to weaponry and small simple things.

Rokaz is in a new place and because of it he is a tad jumpier than usual. This can put someone in danger quite quickly due to the fact that his reflexes have been tuned in to react defensively with weapons he often doesn’t leave the house without, so maneuvering a natural reaction becomes incredibly simple and quick.

History: Rokaz was originally born in a higher class family but once a neighboring family had declared a war and when it had come to an end Rokaz was left with nothing more than his mother and brother. Both boys were young and unable to be of much use for the widowed woman. The families hide from their last name to keep their lives and never mentioned it again. This meant that they had to live in squalor and not long after Rokaz’s brother had been lost to disease and years later when Rokaz was a teen death also took his mother through a simple infection.

As a younger teen Rokaz did what most kids would in his position and lived life on the wrong end of the law. This left him open to then step up from pick pocketing to being a thug for hire and eventually a kill for hire. Rokaz was lucky to find an actual assassin to take him under his wing for a few years. From there Rokaz would damn near take any job as long as the pay was good and his reputation would be effected positively. This life style caused several enemies to build up until he had been set up on the last mission he had attempted.

Narrowly escaping the set up Rokaz personally tried to kill all those who had crossed him, only to realize that his so called allies had been suddenly impossible to find. There was only one thing Rokaz could do and when the timing had been right he lite his home ablaze and took with him nothing that he couldn’t carry on his back in an attempt to fake his own death and get far away, where no one would have heard of him.

Look: Rokaz is commonly dressed in all black clothes that are layered by materials that are a tad longer than they usually would be. The reason for this is to keep any weaponry hidden easily and when moving quickly they will often blur the full outline of his body to cause ranged weapons to find it difficult to concentrate.

Rokaz is rather average when it comes to body type other than his training causing him to keep his body somewhat more muscular than your average Joe. But one thing about his body that would stand out is the amount of scars that littered his body. These were bound to happen between trying to escape fortified locations and just trying to survive his time living alone in poverty by trying to be a pick pocket and being caught on more than one occasion.
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Rokaz Gallo
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