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 Here Lies...

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PostSubject: Here Lies...   Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:56 pm

Here lies a soldier, a warrior born
He woke up to train for battle each morn
He fought the good fight, he's now dead and gone
But because of his death, our freedom was won

Here lies a lover, he never was wed
But he was never wanting for good times in bed,
He gave women pleasure, and got back the same
It's a shame no one now can remember his name

Here lies a man, nothing less, nothing more
He loved only one woman, never once went to war
He kept his life simple, he thought it was good
He wanted and got what the world said he should

Here lies yourself, either later or soon
And though we cannot predict the means of your doom
What will we remember, of your life and your way
If you carved this tombstone, what would it say?

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Here Lies...
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