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 Heading out

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Ranger Foxcrown


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PostSubject: Heading out   Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:02 am

Ranger looked at the empty (almost) villa for a last time. He had few possessions to bring with him, but then he came to eldarus with few possessions so it was no real tragedy. He mounted his black stallion war horse. At a slow walk he headed for the gates

He made a lap around the market, following the path he had treaded so many times in his year plus as Captain of the Guard. His face might have brightened, but it didn't, some good memories, some bad memories, he let all of them wash over him in his typical stoic fashion.

As he reached the gates he turned back to look one more time before facing the road and starting off at a gallop, a fat coin urse he had been able to save up in the time and the clothes on his back along with a few things on a heavy pack being his only possessions. He did smile then, he was not happy but there was a chance, he could start anew, and who knew maybe he'd come back someday, not many people would miss him, but he'd like to think his footprint would have been left in at least some people's memories.

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Heading out
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