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 Dead drow found in the forest

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Kenoth Tajo


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PostSubject: Dead drow found in the forest   Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:32 pm

..Laying in the road, dying, was a young drow who looked to be seventeen or so with silver colored hair. What little of him that hadn't been mauled bore a striking similarity to Kenoth and he was wearing the tattered remains of his dragon hide coat and clothing. He had managed to crawl several feet before collapsing and dying, with a puddle of blood forming around him. A keen eye would notice the wounds had been inflicted by a dragon, a relatively small one, perhaps around twelve feet long. One eye had been gouged out and the other had burst open from internal bleeding. There was some amount of ice on him as well as the scent of the half dragon Sinab, from the cloak that had been so carelessly left behind in the alley during the attack. Being a well traveled road near the falls, it wasn't long before he was found by a hunter who went to report the finding to the rangers of the forest.
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PostSubject: Re: Dead drow found in the forest   Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:48 pm

Rynn had been sitting in the Ranger Station when the hunter burst in and informed her of the body. The only officer in the building, she quickly followed the hunter to where he'd seen the dying drow. By the time they reached the young dark elf, he was already dead. She swore under her breath, pressing her fingers to his neck though she was certain he was already gone, finding no pulse. Inspecting the body, she thought she recognized the young drow, though it was hard to tell with the facial features torn up like they were. It was the wounds themselves that gave her most pause, for she recognized the fact that they were made by a dragon. Glancing up at the hunter, who she had asked to wait, she stood with a grim face and tossed him a coin. "Fetch Captain Shizukesa and Captain Syth, if you can find him." she told him, knowing that Shizu would likely be able to tell more from the wounds than she. She would stay by the body and wait for the Captain and make sure that nothing disturbed it, and look for any tracks that might tell her more of what had happened.
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Dead drow found in the forest
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