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 A gift for Mika Ravencross.

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PostSubject: A gift for Mika Ravencross.    Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:06 pm

The young huntress sighed, moving through the streets. She had decided she'd send a message to Him early, despite what she had told Shizukesa. Ah well she would still apologize to him in front of her Captain when the time came, but she wasn't giving up this hunt so soon. The only thing that kept her from going after Rynn and the other girl were her eggs. She had to protect them until they hatched..
It didn't take long to reach the Forge, pulling off her bag and setting it gently by the door. Inside would be three things. An obsidian dagger much like the ones she owned, with the word Ravencross carved upon the blade itself in silver. A tiny dragon figurine done in ruby and emerald gems, and last, a little silver ball with a triangle at the top that you could push. If he pushed it, it would open and release silver and gold shimmery dust to cover him and whoever else was near. It was completely harmless as long as they weren't affected by silver, which she doubted he was. At bottom of the bag was a small note that simply read " The game isn't over, M'lord Ravencross." Beside the bag she placed a black rose with a red ribbon tied around it.

Having placed her gifts for him she hurried away, moving back towards the city to disappear in the crowded streets.
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A gift for Mika Ravencross.
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