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 my two cents

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Ranger Foxcrown


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PostSubject: my two cents   Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:40 pm

So i have something to say, not that it matters or anyone cares but if anyone does it's for you.

Aparently my word OOC is about as good as Ranger's IC, i'd lie to clear a few things up...since i'm "not fooling anyone"

My not being there for the end of the Drgon thing had nothing to do with the fact that Mika Ravencross was running it, tho I will admit I am not a fan of being railroaded, nor of him as a character and was especially dubious of him as a gme master. That being said, I would have gritted my teeth and bared it, as I do when there is something Ranger needs to do tht i do not enjoy. If i intended to merely sit it out, I would have been online as Cedric, or been online but stayed out of character.

First off, I posted in the forums Ranger setting up the defenses of the refugee camp in the town square, after I attended the war council meetingt hat was held.

Secondly even BEFORE that took place, I had told Auryon that I would not be able to make the final rp because I had a fund raiser to go to that night for the Beepball team that I am Presidnet of the Board of, we actually were succesful that night in gaining a new sponsor.

As for the inbetween, I could not figure out why the internet was not working, I could get a very weak wireless signal, which more often than not booted me off every five minutes, even when i was just trying to use MSN, but the jack in my dorm room would not work and the IT people could not figure out why. Finally, last wednesday they just came to my dorm to try and figure it out, turns out you have to have a special ind of cable that is formatted to work on the IU network, it wa supposed to have been in my room but it was not, and this being my first semester i did not know. So I got my net working good last wednesday.

So that is what happened, take it or leave, I really don't care, seems kinda stupid to lie over role playing but if it helps you feel better to think i just didn't wanna be here have at it. I do apologize to those who I consider my friends for not making it, my absence on MSn and Yahoo over the past few weeks should attest to the truth of what i say.

Well now, Ranger has been crucified and hopefully that will satisfy people's lust for vengeance, tho to me, the situation stinks, it was not handled well (by myself or others admittedly). So Ranger will be leaving Eldaurs shortly, I was told I could try to get back into the guards, but to be frankly honest, with the way this site is being administerred at the moment I have no interest whatsoever in seeking an official capacity in anything. I still love Eldarus, and most of the people here are fucking awesome, (even Renton when I dont want to cut his throat out >.<) And maybe one day Ranger will come back, but i need a break. I have dealt with a lot of shit over the past year and a half. Including the past sitewide which I ran, which one administrator failed to show up for and the other bailed on.

Ok soap box is just about done, cudos if u've made it this far, and thanks. I will likely be sparser in my appearances than normal for a bit considering i am now on a college campus and have started making friends that are not attached to a key board. Anyone wanna reach me shoot me a text or give me a call at 8122196795, I always answer my messages, just lemme know who u r.

Lastly I'd like to thank everyone who made playing ranger fun, and even those of you who made me want to punch a hole in my monitor (you know who you are Razz) It has been a blast, and good luck to whoever steps up to be the new captin.

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Trega Merekid


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PostSubject: Re: my two cents   Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:00 pm

Okay, whatever. I'm sorry. Stop crying.

But seriously, how are you going to get all up in a twist over something I, of allllll fucking people, said? Nice rant, Sally. *throws a box of tissues at Ranger*
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my two cents
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