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 A possible betrayal

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Shizukesa Ryujin


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PostSubject: A possible betrayal   Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:03 pm

As of ths afternoon the guard Captain, Ranger foxcrown was found alive but badly wounded in the middle of the forest. Celeste, Kardagar and myself, Shizukesa have detained him at the local infirmary pending trial for possible crimes against the city.
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Mika Ravencross


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PostSubject: Re: A possible betrayal   Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:15 am

By order of the Guard in charge of Ranger's detainment, wards and enchantments have been placed around the Infirmary where Ranger Foxcrown awaits his Trial. These enchantments are very specific and only allow certain members approach the Former Captain. Due to his peculiar position, it has been made so that he is stripped of his position until trial, where he may or may not be re-instated. A list of rules how the enchantments work is listed below

-Only one with the molecular and DNA structure of Freyja Wolfsdotter is able to approach the bedside of Ranger Foxcrown for healing purposes only. Any other magic or psionics used will be negated.

-Only an Active Officer Member of the Guard or Rangers will be able to approach within five feet of Ranger Foxcrown's bed. All magic and psionics will be negated.

-A Strength Drain Barrier has been placed upon the entire room of Ranger Foxcrown, making it so that any who enter are unable to commit violent acts using strength.

-An Elemental Damper is in effect around the entire Infirmary, making it so that any extreme form of the elements is instantly extinguished.

-A Barrier of Force has been inserted into the walls of the Infirmary as well as the inside and outside walls to prevent any form of Breaking. This includes the effects of Explosives and Charges.

-The Floor has been reinforced with Adamantine plating that is approximately one foot thick. This is to prevent any form of tunneling.

-The Adamantine plating is reinforced with a similar enchantment to the Walls of the Infirmary, but the Barrier of Force extends three feet below the surface as well.

-An Expulsion Charm has been placed upon the entire Infirmary, and extends ten feet outside of it's walls. If anyone attempts to disable any of the Enchantments without the proper key they will be transfered immediately to the Guard Station's Cells.

-Those who's Molecular Structure and DNA coding have not been added to the list of Acceptions are unable to perform any magic or psionics whatsoever in and around (Within a ten foot radius) the Infirmary.

-An anti-teleportation spell has been placed around the room of Ranger Foxcrown, making it impossible to exit or enter by magical means. This includes Planar Travel.

-A Sentient Force of Magnetic Energy has been placed within a five foot sphere all around Ranger Foxcrown's bed. It reacts instantly with the electrical energy charged and stored within his body, reflecting all negative and positive charges. This prevents him from leaving the five foot area by any means.
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A possible betrayal
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