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 Market-camp shennigans.

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PostSubject: Market-camp shennigans.   Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:01 am

Chaltah Songblade was outside the metal dragon watching the people bustling around, preparing for the upcoming attack of dragons. She growls softly in irritation that she couldn't join them having to watch after Elika, the child only 6 months old. She didn't dare risk endangering herself though every fiber in her being longed to be out there helping... to be in the air and fighting the dragons when they arrived. But the child in her arms was far more important to protect and so it was of greater importance to find some way to get them out of the city before the attack.

Rupert Palatine walked about the mostly empty town slowly. The young man's curiosity prodding him into investigating the troubles. Those few still about bustled here and there frantically preparing a defense he had no stake in. It made a curious contrast to see the well dressed Prince strolling calmly as all about him was anxiety and fear. He turned a corner and headed for the ruined market, puling his deep red cloak about him a bit tighter against the chill.

Auryon Rivorn manuverd around the various debris of what remained of broken vendor's carts, she seemed obvlivous to what was happening around her, simply side steppign small structures being built in defensive measures. A few towers had even gone up overnight, for lookouts, and archers alike. Soon, she came upon the Metal dragon, somewhat relieved to see it relatively intact, "Chaltah!?" she'd call, a tinge of worry managing to coat the words, an unusal thingf for the woman. She'd sent a messenger to Chaltah's on the night of the first attack, and had recieved no response back from the woman on the condition of herself and children.

Chaltah Songblade turns hearing her name and picking up a familiar scent over all the others, eyes searching the throngs of people trying to prepare for the upcoming attack. "Here Aury" she'd call above the clammer

Auryon Rivorn 's pace quickend as she passed by the Red-cloaked prince, her green eyes gazing over him a moment the wealthy-style of clothing catching her off guard for a moment amongst the bleak setting. She'd say nothing to him, and simply continue on towards her friend, "Don't suppose you know how to answer a damn letter do you?" she'd laugh, a nervous kind of thing, green eyes showing relief that her friend, and the small being she held against her chest was among the suriviors.

Rupert Palatine had meandered in the general direction of The Metal Dragon, it being a natural landmark now as it was relatively unharmed. Auryon hustled past him and he raised an eyebrow. He could not remember if he knew her, though he did not get a good look in any case. He continued that direction at his own pace, approaching the two women as they talked.

Chaltah Songblade sighs and reached around with one hand to give the worried pirate a hug. "I am sorry Aury but when this whole thing started I have been frought with concern on how to get my children out to safety. I heard of strage dragon creatures on the borders and I dare not go out..." she looked down at the child in her arm then back up to Aury "I am sorry for not responding to your letter. I did not mean to make you worry. But Darz is missing in Chillistin so I am here alone to deal with this mess"

Auryon Rivorn gave the woman's back a gentle squeeze as she leaned over to hug her, "I was half way at that refugee camp when the first wave hit. I was hoping to cut you off down there, seeing as thats where nearly everyone else was headed." she'd look back to the child in her arms, seemingly toying with her words, "Are you willing to let them go? Theres enough room for Four, or five small people. Heading North, in a caravan. Its got minor enchantments to keep it off most creatures radar for short time. Its going to Another small town, then on a boat to some hole of a township smaller than this. Its not safe, but its safer than here. You'd need to stay behind, otherwise.."

Chaltah Songblade looked down at the child in her arms "Will there be one to watch Elika? She's too young to be without some kind of wetnurse" she turned her gaze to Aury. "But if you can get them out of the city I can send them to Solace to wait with old friends. There is sure to be someone there that can care for my youngest one"

Rupert Palatine had been standing on a small pile of rubble within earshot of the pair. He had been looking around attentivley, studying it seemed, with the eye of a proffesional. Upon hearing of the plight of children and the debate of safe options he turned and addressed them as a pair. "Pardon my interruption, I do apologize for my rude and abrupt insertion of myself into your conversation. Is it true, that dragons are capable of breathing fire? I have not seen one, so I do not know. If it is true however, I would not stay here."

Auryon Rivorn felt eyes upon her and turend to see the Red-cloaked man she had passed by a few moments ago, a brow raising at his presence, "I'll have someone take care of Elika. Most of them are young woman.. from the curtain..They take care of their own, Chaltah, your children will be as safe as possible with them. I wont promise you that nothing bad will happen, though. I wont lie to you, about that." then, her gaze shot back to Rupert, "Their capable of a hell of a lot more than breathing fire, and the one thats got his eye on this town, is likely to roast us on a sneeze."

Rupert Palatine nodded and took another long study about him. He looked back to the pair of them again, his tone was pleasant but serious, and carried the weight of someone who knew what they were talking about. "Then it is my advice to you both to immediatley quit this place with all haste and industry possible."

Chaltah Songblade sighs softly and holds her daughter tightly that had started to fuss, Chaltah's distress not helping matters "As long as they have a chance to get out..." she looks toward Rupert then back to Aury "When will the caravan be leaving?"

Auryon Rivorn grinned at Rupert's wise advice, "And let you lot parish in two blinks of an eye? I may not like a lot of people around these places, but I ain't that cruel.. " she'd shake her head as if Rupert's words were absoutely silly, before responding to Chaltah, "As soon as we get there. You wont have time for long goodbyes. "

Chaltah Songblade nodded and headed inside to retrieve the children, returning a few minutes later with the other four, carrying small satchels of the bare basic essentials of clothes and a few other items of choice. She looks to Rupert with a snort "I am not going to leave this city without some form of air defence" she gave a small growl that settled once her gaze settled once more on aury "Let's get going." she hands an envelope to the eldest boy "Take this and get passage across the sea for them.. I'm going to send a messenger to Solace to see if anyone can meet you at Crom" the boy nods and tucks the envelope into his cloak.

Rupert Palatine smiled pleasantly, "I have no intention to die, but I thank you for your concern." He simply nodded as Chaltah declared her intention of defense as well. "You are both admirably brave, alas bravery will win you nothing alone." He turned to leave as they appeared to be soon to depart as well, "Stone, my brave Ladies, stone will help you." He pointed around the town, at various buildings, towers, and barricades. "Tear down anything wood and remove it from the city, use stout stone structures as defensive strongpoints, lest your burn behind your own...defenses." He said the last word with a note of pity, he doubted he wold need as many as fifty men to burn this town and all it's defenders, and they faced something far more formidable than he. "The best of luck to you both, sincerely."

Auryon Rivorn flashed a grin at Chaltah at the mention of air defense, "You're just going to love what I have to show you afterwards.." her eyes drifted over the children whoms he'd only met a handful of times, despite the amount of years she'd known Chaltah, "You lot best stick together, or yer mother she might have my head" she'd flash a reassuring grin towards the older children, "You want to make yerself useful?" she of course was addressing Rupert, "People are are bit crazed, and if they see us walkin' towards the city gates, they'll be either wanting the kids seats, or blood."

Chaltah Songblade huffs softly looking at the blacksmith "This is made of stone. There is no wood to be found within it except the counter perhaps. This building will not fall unless the dragon falls on top of it" she chuckles then turns to aury "Let's go"

Auryon Rivorn shakes her head, "He meant the town Chaltah. The town'll likely burn, and all that'll be left is this shop." she'd sound somewhat somber. She was perfectly capable of seeing various options of aftermath, but that hadn't occured yet. "Simple. We need to get to point A, to point B. And yer goin' make sure we make it there with little to no incident." She'd start away from the shop, "We'll be fine untill we reach where they're housing everyone.. last stop and Mcbeaties. Thats where, if any people will notice that your not sending the kids to room there." And off she went without another word, purposely walking faster than Chaltah and her young, so it seemed that she had nothing to do with them.

Chaltah Songblade started off after Aury but with the same mannerism as Aury. She looked about the city as they walked, taking in the sight of the city as she passed it. She was rather saddened that even before the attack it had taken a heavy beating. She continued on after a while, looking down at the road, picking her way through the rubble, the children staying close to her side

<Insert text where Rupert agrees to join them because the log monster ate the action>

Rupert Palatine would wait for Chaltah and her children to get a small distance in front of him before he began to walk, taking the rear of the small convoy. The Prince paced them so he neither gained or lost ground.

Auryon Rivorn: seemed as if she were in no real hurry, as she sauntered across the small defenses that were being put in place, at one point she'd even stop and exchange bitterwords with one of the builders before carrying on. She never looked back. Soon, she'd turn down what was once a cross road, and enter the square in which the 'command' centre of the city was now being made.

Chaltah Songblade kept an eye on Aury, slowing her pace for a bit as she paused to talk to one of the men there and then picking up again. She would round the corner a couple moments after Aury, searching the crowds for her form and then continued on her steady pace, ignoring most of the people on the side, ushering the children ahead of her when it got a little more crowded.

* The market square was a bustle of activity, but it was nothing like the usual days. Instead of laughing citizens picking out their dinner for that night, the Market Square was filled with patrolling guards. It was set up so that there was one way in, one way out, the market place surving as a keep to protect everyone, with the actual city being a citadel. THe city was in complete lock down.
No one comes in without permission of thregent, no one gets out without military permission.

Rupert Palatine: assessed the progress of the citizens as he walked with an increasing sense of pity. He regretted deeply his employer was unavailable otherwise he might appeal to him to allow his regiment to join the defense. The trained soldiers would be invaluable.

Auryon Rivorn 's eyes narrowed a little as she came to a small gate which had recently been erected. A security checkpoint of sorts. When she had first come through the market to fetch Chaltah, there had been nobody manning the booth, but in the short period of time that had all changed. She'd relased a slightly annoyed sigh, as she approached the booth, looking behind her towards the slow moving entrouge. She'd motion wiht her head for them to join her now. "Things are starting to move along faster now aye? We'll be needin to get past these gates. Kids need to be gettin' to the firmary.." As far as she knew, the infirmary which was located not too far from the city gates, was still standing and functional.

Chaltah Songblade hurried up and joined Aury at the gate looking to the people who were manning it. "Please. I need to get my children somewhere safe" she pleaded. It was the truth, in her hearth she wanted nothing more than to know her children were safe.

** One of the Royal military brings themselves up infront of the pirate, the symbol of the Regent on his silver breastplate. He held a spear in one hand and a wall shield in the other "I apologize Madam, but the Infirmary is in evacuation and being moved here. As for somewhere safe, there is no safer place than this market place at the current moment. You will just have to be patient"

Rupert Palatine walked up casually and stood quitely behind the pair. As the Regent's man denied them the gate he cleared his throat a moment to grab the man's attention. Rupert was a frequent guest of His Lordship and most of his Kngihts at least knew his name if not recognized him. "I am Prince Rupert of the Palatine, His Lordship the Regent has commissioned me with the safe passage and conduct of these people." It was a plausible lie, and Rupert had a touch of charisma, so it might even work. "I will inform His Lordship of your admirable discharge of your orders"

Auryon Rivorn stepped aside to allow Rupert a go at the Gateman, eyes shifting over to watch the crowd of people whom stared out from the various tents that had been errected. They all seemed to be watching them now, atleast, the ones closet. "Safest place in the city my ass.." she'd be heard to mumble.

Chaltah Songblade turned also watching the people as they were starting to gather a bit of attention behind them. She growls softly keeping the children close to her. She would then turn to Rupert as he tried diplomatic measures and prayed they would work.

**The guard extends a hand "If that is true then you have a Letter of Passage with the royal seal upon it. If that is not true, then you are a liar, which would usually be punished by a few days in a cell. However, I will look past it this one time if you turn and leave now."

<Insert post where Rupert subtley readies a pistol at the Officers ribs, requesting once more to be let through, and Aury making a slight bluff that the flying ship they put so much stock in wouldn't fly without them upon it..>

The Officer laughs softly, the barrel of the gun doing little to shake him "You're a man who will go to any lengths to get what he wants. . . Perhaps I should call my fellow soldiers. Why should I believe you or the woman behind you? That ship will sail, captained by her proper owner or one of the Captains of the Royal Guard no matter the circumstances. . . Who knows, maybe you're the ones the dragon eluded to, the ones who brought this crisis." He sighs softly and steps to the side "Run fast. . ."

Auryon Rivorn's hand shifted to her rear, resting on a small gold-colored somthing that jutted out from her trousers, "Chaltah." She'd nod towards the woman to move foreward with her children first, "We're not through yet.." she'd mumble to Rupert, as she'd go to follow Chaltah.

Chaltah Songblade headed through the gate with as much swiftness she could, carrying the child and ushering the four children through. She didn't want to waste the moment that was given and would move aside to wait for Aury to come through to lead the way.

Rupert Palatine smiled his particular wide grin, "How kind." He stood in front of the guard until the party was through behind him, before stepping away and following them. His pistol finding it's way back to it's hiding place in his cloak. "How uncomfortable a conversation that would have been with His Lordship, were I compelled to shoot one of his Knights about the ribs." He chuckled flippantly, the Prince finding the whole thing an enjoyable adventure

*The guard growls and leans over, whispering in the man's ear "This is not a game, boy. . . This is war. People are dying, sacraficing themselves, martyring. . . You would do well to show a bit more finesse and hide your enjoyment." With that he shuts the first gate, knowing full well what was to become of him having let them through.

Auryon Rivorn despite their bloodless victory on getting through the first gate she seemed far less excited than Rupert, "Head towards the Infirmary, then take the left fork. Shortly down there you should see the caravan.." she had dim thoughts that it may have left already. She hadn't anticiapted how quickly things could go bad, "If its not there. Head to Harbour." She'd brush past Chaltah, moving quickly towards their destination, keeping a weary eye out.

Rupert Palatine merely sneered in response to the Knight, he did so hate it when those of the lower stations dare tell him what he had better do. He simply followed the women and children, taking his post again some distance to the rear.

Chaltah Songblade was glad to be out of there. The crowding of people had started to get to her and now that she was beyond the 'cage' she was able to breath a little more easilly. "Thank you Aury for helping me. I owe you for this"

Auryon Rivornshakes her head distractedly, "Thank me when we're done."

*THe secondary area of the market place was similar to a fortified Citadel, guards running back and forth with carts full of weapons, sand bags for defense, and in several cases gunpowder. They don't pay much attention to the travellers and their children, though a few do take notice, and there are always a pair of eyes fixed on the group of children and their parent.

Chaltah Songblade continues to move through the area, not wanting to stop until they reach the caravan "How much further is it?"

Rupert Palatine walked along, taking in what he saw again. Perhaps there was a chance after all.

Auryon Rivorn felt a bit of a grin form on her lips. She could see the infirmary, which meant they were damn close. "Just passed the infirmary, left fork.. and we should be good.." Atleast, the children would. It the caravan was still there, that was. They were speeding up now, soon the small group would almost be at a gentle jog, as they reached the fork. She could see the Carvan now. It was still a long, but straight strech of distance away.. "Can they run fast?"

Chaltah Songblade nods softly "Two of them can" she would hand the child to Aury for a moment while she hoisted the two youngers on to their siblings back and then just like that they were off, full bore, chal taking the child from Aury just before she herself puts on a burst of speed, easilly catching up to the children as they sprinted for the cart.

* "You there! Stop where you are!" A few guards break off after them, simple patrol units but they still attracted the attention of the others.

Auryon Rivorn reacted without thinking, the hand comming from her rear and withdrawing the golden pistol. She'd barely turn fully around before the first ball-shot was fired at the patrolman who threatend the getaway of her friend's family.

Chaltah Songblade ignored the sound of the guards shouts, focused on the cart ahead of them, come on children, keep going, don't look back." she spoke to them as she rushed on. Nothing would stop her from getting her family to saftey

Rupert Palatine jogged at first and then as they ran, he ran. Stealing a glace behind him he could not detect pursuit. He caught up to Chaltah, the spurs of his tall cavalry boots jingling, "Good heavens why do we...", then the call came. "Ah, how unfortunate." The crack of pistolry sounded clear and Rupert swore. He ran with Chaltah to where Auryon stood. He stopped and turned about, drawing his mortuary sword, in the moments it would take for the men to close the gap he looked at Auryon, "Damnded difficult conversation I'll be having with His Lordship."

*One of the guards drops dead, the ball having shot him straight through the head. It was then that armored guards began to advance, drawing weapons. A few of them appear on the roofs, loading long barreled powder guns "Halt! Or we will open fire!"

Auryon Rivorn was almost laughing now. She'd known it was far to easy to get through the gates, and she knew that likely the caravan would soon be spotted. This was going to be perfect, in some strange sense. They wouldn't even stop the Caravan, they'd be to busy trying to play catch the moving taret. "Save your damn fire for the real threats!"

Chaltah Songblade bounds through the street, almost a blur at the speed she ran. It'd be a lucky shot that would hit her but she urged her children to spread out but keep their sights on the carrage that was fast approaching. Were she not holding her child she'd be running on all fours.
She would come to a sliding halt, the two children riding piggy back would be lifted by the two woman there and then would be helped up themselves. She'd give Elika to Seth "Make sure she's well fed" she would say softly hugging each of them before waving the driver who started off

*The guards open fire as the group does not cease, loud bangs erupting in the Market place. A commanding officer with a disturbed look in his eyes motions the charge with his sword "They are traitors who seek refuge with our Enemy! Take them down at any and all costs!"

Rupert Palatine produced his pistol in his left hand and shrugged away his cloak. He glanced behind them and looked at the guards now only paces away, "They are away I believe." The fist man to reach him thrust forward with his halberd, which Rupert deftly knocked away and down with his sword, crushing the mans face with the basket hilt of his sword.

* The guards converge around Rupert, surrounding him in a double row of armed men "Stand down! Or we will be forced to kill you!" Those who fired after the caravan began to load their guns again, but it was already out of sight before they could finish

Chaltah Songblade turns now that the wagon was underway drawing her swords. She would fight to ensure that the convoy got out of the city intact "You will not stop me from getting my children to safety!" she'd roar as she grabbed the next guard that ran up and bodilly threw him into the water trough nearby and then drew her swords waiting for the next victim

<Insert post about Oswald appearing>

Auryon Rivorn ): looked as if she was going to fall over laughing as hse heard the shouts of traitors, she'd whirl around to make sure the caravan had taken off. At record speed, at that, through the gates. If luck would have it, they would eventually make it to the destination, though now it was out of her hands. She'd move towards Rupert, Hand-me-down Rapier at the ready, the pistol long since tucked back. "Play nice boys, or the dragon will eat you."

Oswald McBeaty sees aury and quickly drops to a knee behind a building, peeking around the corner to avoid being spotted best he could. His eyes begin to glow and under his breath he begins to chant in a strange language.

*"Make way make way! What is going on here?! Why have the ranks been broken?!" A man in bright silver armor adorned with a blue cape moves through the ranks of guards. He was a high ranking General by the looks of his armor, his sword still sheathed at his hips "As Commanding General I order you ALL to sheath your weapons. . . That means you three also. . ." He motions to the group

Rupert Palatine ): sighed. The Prince was brave, but he was a soldier by profession and could kill his way through this many, even if he desired so. "Gentlemen, I am Prince Rupert, His Lordship himself knows me. By those merits I will only surrender myslef and my sword to an Officer and a gentleman of account." As the General approached he smiled and sheathed his sword and tucked away his pistol, in his belt. "Good evening, Sir."

Auryon Rivorn: failed to sheath or lower her blade even as the armour glad General began his approach, "I am on the other hand, Not a prince, or gentlemen, and will be continuing, with my friend.." eyes shifted to Chaltah, "Away, and unescorted, from your brand of crazy."

Oswald McBeaty continues to observe, the white light coming from his eyes begins to also glow from his hands, which he places, palm down, on the ground, never taking his eyes off of the events unfolding. He continues to chant under his breath.

Rupert Palatine looked to Auryon and smiled widely, "Ah such a pity. I did not even receive the honor of your names." He looked to the General and raised an eyebrow, "Have we met, Sir? You strike me as wholly familiar? A dinner perhaps at the Ivory Hall, at His Lordship's leisure. I was accompanied by a Francis de Gaston, the Chevalier de Levis, my second in comman, a Lieutenant Colonel."

* The General holds up a hand "That is enough. . . You three will come with me for questioning. . . Or you could try to run and. . . Well. . ." He points behind them where three rows of guards stood, each armed with flintlock rifles pointed at the group "It's your choice. . . Frankly I would like to conserve ammunition but if you continue to attack us we will have no choice."

Chaltah growls softly keeping her weapons out for now. Her gaze having become more feral than that of a sane woman. But she wouldn't attack, she was more to defend, wanting to know that her children have a chance of getting out of the city before the attack came.

Oswald McBeaty -> ): 's chanting stops, and his hands ball into fists, his fingers digging through the ground. He shifts his stance, and quickly pulls up hard. The ground beneath the guards begins to rumble and shake, and the ground itself around the guards legs begins to jut upward, attempting to entrap their legs.

*The guards begin to panic as their legs are swallowed by the earth, only a few getting away in time. The General groans and rubs his forehead "Oh for fucks sake. . . Am I going to have to crack skulls tonight?" The soldiers behind him draw their weapons and begin to advance as the guards behind the group struggle to free themselves. The General throws out a hand to stop the advancing guards "I did not give the order to attack! Stand down!"

Auryon Rivorn: felt the ground rumble and for a moment thought the Dragon or its army had breached the meager secruity that had been built, "General, You'll be wanting us certainly, but not for questioning. Call off yer lunatics, and let us get back to harbour." She'd take afew steps back, the groubd beneath her own feet rumbling. She'd bump against one of the rifles.

Chaltah Songblade growls fiercely as she watched the men approach, but she stayed her hands as she had seen the earth rise up to hold the men. She had felt the divine use of magic from someone close by and her gaze shifts to look around to see just who it was that was aiding them

Rupert Palatine was often off-put and wary around magic, but it appeared it was on his side for now, and so he welcomed it happily. He did not draw his weapons or bolt, but rather simply smiled broadly and walked at an angle toward the General, trying to get an angle so that he could make a break for it with some hope of success.

Oswald McBeaty pulls his hands from the ground, the glow in his eyes and hands fading. From his bag he pulls a small crossbow, and begins to aim it at one of the guards that managed to escape.

The General points a finger at the group "Look, I want to solve this peacefully. If you continue then I will post you as traitors and you will never make it out of the city. Please just come with me and I am sure we can work out some kind of diplomacy. I have kept my men at bay in a sign of good faith. Will you honor that or fight me none the less?"

Chaltah Songblade -> Market Square (G): looked toward the direction of Oswald to catch the sight of what appeared to be a crossbow and tilts her head slightly before returning her gaze to the guards with a defensive growl, crouching low "I wasn't planning on leaving" her voice echoing the growl that rumbled within her, her eyes switching into slits briefly "But if you stop that carriage I will not be held responsable for what will happen" she moves closer to Aury.

Auryon Rivorn 's hand had disapeared then reappeared out of her pocket with a small bit of sand-like grains escaping the through her clenchd fingers. "If we wanted out of the city, we would have left two nights ago." She'd offer look to Chaltah bringing the hand that held the blinding dust towards her face innocently enugh, looking as if she might be about to scratch an Itch on her nose. Unfortunately for the guards that stood behind herself and Chaltah, just before reaching her face, the hand jerked backward, throwing the dust high into the air. In a matter of secounds, the dust was caught in the wind, being carried faithfully into the eyes of those whom wore no protective gear. The pain would be searing,but a good seltzering would clear them out. "Go!" She'd push Chaltah foreward, knowing the guards would Not pursue them once they reached the Harbour.

Oswald McBeaty sees Aury make her move and fires on one of the guards that escaped his spell, not checking to see if it hits as he ducks back behind the building afterwards. Raising his hand, his eyes flash quickly, as an illusion appears on the building across the street, holding a crossbow.

Chaltah Songblade bolted at the simple command needing no further urging. Normally she would have gone without question but being called a traitor had something against her, even if it wasn't true, and made her decide to take her chances with friends over guards.

The guards would stagger backwards as they are assaulted, the grains blinding many of them. One of them falls victim to Oswalds arrow and falls on his face, groaning in pain. The General suddenly begins to shout orders, those who were not blinded or injured taking off after Chaltah and Auryon "I gave you all fair chance! Arrest them and place them in the barracks!" The General would draw his blade and reach into his pocket, pulling out an egg shaped object which he throws at Auryon.

Oswald McBeaty motions towards the illusion he created, and it begins to fire down on the guards, the bolts purposely missing to prevent discovery of the trick.

Rupert Palatine waited but few precious seconds more, as the guards chased Chaltah and Auryon got a few steps from him. Abruptly the Prince grinned and looked at the General, "Good day, Sir. Your Health, of course." He touched his forehead in salute and made a break for an alley, making for the harbor by a different route.

Auryon Rivorn took off after Chaltah, her elbows an added insult to the blinded guards she struck as she went, head down to avoid the grains from getting into her own field of vision. She saw Oswald now, and grinned. She was damn lucky sometimes. She was almost infront of hte illusuionary crossbows when suddenly somthing smacked the back of her heel.. And in a moments time she fell, hard, face scraping the cobblestone, as her legs, and then wrists were bound in irons.

Chaltah Songblade -> Market Square (G): had been down on all fours racing for the harbor but the sound of Aury hitting the ground caused her to turn and dart back, a rather powerful swing going out to anyone that dared reach out for the woman and the would pick up Aury to continue running for the harbor. "Not going to let you take the fall for this"

Oswald McBeaty raises his hand, and his eyes flash another time. The locks around Aurys wrists and legs audibly click, and suddenly release and open. Turning to the guards now blocking the path, he throws both arms forward, making a pushing motion against them.

Rupert Palatine was terrificly close to his alley, when the object, which he did not realize had been thrown. He tried to make the corner and then suddenly, he was bound. By what contrivane he did not know. The Prince fell heavily into the dark alley, clapped in irons as he was. He struck his head strongly and swore fiercley. The man, crawled behind a small barricade, hoping to be hidden by the darknes and debris.

Chaltah Songblade -> Market Square (G): had lowered her head and increased her speed, her sense of caution gone with her children. She was no longer hindered and let out every ounce of draconic power she could without transforming but the presence of divine magic almost gave her pause but seeing as it was not directed at her kept her speed up, carrying her friend on her shoulder, not bothering to stop until they had reached safety
The general moves towards the alley where he saw rupert fall, his sword drawn "Just give up, Prince Palatine. . . You've lost. You've no where to go." His head turns towards the screams out in the streets, his soldiers being thrown into the air by Chaltah's charge. The General shakes his head and begins to tear boxes away from the wall "Look, I don't enjoy this but there are rules for a reason."
Oswald McBeaty quickly takes off down the street, heading back towards center of the square.

Auryon Rivornwas vaugley aware of being hoisted and carried off by Chaltah, though she'd smoked her head on the ground fairly hard, and was riding only on thin waves of conciousness

Chaltah Songblade huffed and puffed, it had been a while since she had fully released herself in such a manner and was fast running out of energy. She'd need to feed soon but she wasn't about to stop until she found a place of safety. She pushed herself to her fullest hoping to gain distance and find a place to hide. She looked up at the rooftops but turned down the idea with all the snow and ice and headed for the ships, not even sure what to do now except find a ship to hide in.

Rupert Palatine -> Market Square (G): stood, with considerable difficulty, and faced the General. "Now see here good Sir. Now that we are quite alone, let us reason as gentlemen. I am in command of three-hundred soldiers of horse this city desperatley needs, as you and I both know terribly well. Release me and they shall come, without me they will not. None of your men have rounded the corner, you will loose no face. I simply eluded you is all

The General shakes his head "I apologize, but I can not do that as a ranking officer. There are rules for a reason." With that the General takes Rupert and slings him over his shoulder, moving back out into the street. He barks his orders at the remaining guards "Cease all pursuit of the remaining group! They were under the influence of this man and it has been broken. They have fled in fear." He drops his voice so that only Rupert could hear him "If what you say is true then it will help you recover this"
Chaltah Songblade -> Market Square (G): whipped herself around a corner and would set Aury down on the ground for a moment as she looked around the corner, half expecting to see a wave of guards coming toward them but saw nothing. She would finally press her back against the building and rest to catch her breath. She'd need to get Aury to Trega's ship so she could be in a relatively safe place, not sure what happened to Rupert as he had run the other way. Once she had caught her breath she rose and picked up Aury once more and headed on out after another look and went to find Trega's ship

Rupert Palatine -chuckles and smiled, "Ah you flatter me, Sir. Alas I was hardly more than an accessory. I am quite capable of walking on my own, if you please."

Guard: Until the regent signs on, I am sorry to say that you are Under Arrest by the Royal Guard

Rupert Palatine: But of course.

Guard: Gotta save face, kid. . . Otherwise it all falls apart and we lose." With that he motions for his guards to follow him and he moves towards the Inner part of the refugee camp. His guards fall in line behind him, knowing now that the person shooting at them from the roofs was meerly an illusion. They marched back to camp, where they placed Rupert in a make-shift cell to await his trial my martial law.

Rupert Palatine smiled, "I will now sign my promise of parole, Sir. And be on my way, thank you." The fact that they placed him in the cell at all was brutish and uncouthe. The parole documents of course being a promise on his honor and station that he would make no attmpt at escape, and would, at time of trial respond to summons. It was universal custom for nobility, especially of his rank.

THe general passes the folder through the cell, all of the legal documents contained inside "You will be transfered to a more comfortable suite where you will await trial. You will be escorted around the Market Place only with a troop of no less than five high ranking captains. We apologize for the ugly cell, but this is a time of war. We don't have luxuries at the current moment."

Rupert Palatine ): smiled, and signed his name to the document. "Very well, General."
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Market-camp shennigans.
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