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 New Refugee Camp

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PostSubject: New Refugee Camp   Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:55 pm

Upon orders of his lordship Regent Jaxon A'rone, and as a result of the nearly devastating attack of the dragon kin to the less protected refugee camp, all people housed there will be moved to the Maret square where guards will create a secure perimeter, this perimeter is being expanded to include Ellington's Last Stop and Wifey McBeaty's, where citizens will be housed as best as can be arranged.

A command post for the guards will be set up at the Kabuki theatre, all surrounding areas will be seured off, every able bodied citien is called by the Regent to assist, Sand is being put into bags from the beah in order to help form barriades

Tents are being erected for those who do not have room to sleep in doors, and guards are patrollign the perimeters and the general area at a non stop pace. Every effort will be made to secure this area, even unfortunately to some extent the rest of the city, the main bulk of the guard fore will be directed here, with all guards being forced into mandatory overtime, working 16 hour days at a minimum
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New Refugee Camp
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