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 Attention All Ranger's

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Mika Ravencross


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PostSubject: Attention All Ranger's   Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:11 pm

Following an order from Captain Vincent, the Rangers are now outfitted with the following basic equipment, courtesy of the Dark Arms Forge.

-Silent Draw Bows: All weapons make a noise upon drawing. These bows however, are treated in a special solution as well as their strings so that there is no creak or groan from the wood or strings. The wood is black and the string itself is the color of sand

-Bending Arrows: These arrows are black just like the bow they compliment, but the metal blade a the tip is golden, like the eye of a hawk. The feathers themselves are from the tail of a Red-Tail Hawk, switching between bright and dark red. They have the ability to bend and weave between obstacles, locking in on their target.

-Black Blade Short Swords: These are basic short swords that have been worked in a special way so that their metal has been shifted black. This is to aid in concealment and tracking at night as it eliminates the glare.

-Trackless Boots: These boots make no sound as they move over any type of terrain. They also leave no marks in dirt, snow, mud, or any other imprinting style of terrain.

-Cloak of Comfort: These are simple green cloaks fashioned too have the emblem of the Rangers sewn into the area above the heart. These cloaks offer complete comfort to those who wear them, no matter the temperature. They come with or without hoods.
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Attention All Ranger's
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