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 Malister Lurcracious

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PostSubject: Malister Lurcracious   Fri Dec 17, 2010 10:32 am

Born into a small village in the distant lands known as Thae, Malister was never something of greatness or historic achievement. Raised as a hunter for the village as his father was, he sought little more conflict than the occasional uprising of a young woman's father. Regardless he we well known as a hunter in his home, most of which for his failure to learn the bow and arrow, the common hunting tool of their people. Instead, he trusted his skills and time to the spear. He claims he was just never smart enough to learn the mechanics of a bow and arrow, and throwing a stick seems so much simpler, another argument he makes is that human instinct to throw an object will always be more accurate than a stick tossed by a string. His reasonings aside, he never tried to pick the bow up again and was more than capable of keeping up with his duties with spear alone.
War has a way of bleeding a nation dry of small home life, and his village was no exception. During the Magus Epidemic and the wars of the Thaean rulers, Malister was enlisted to help a small cavalry, led by a Gryphon Rider. Malister's enlistment was not for combat however, in fact the head of the company insisted he, in his young age, steer as clear as possible from the battles. Instead, he was a scout for the company. Geography was his expertise, navigation was key to hunting after all. Malister's abilities were noted in the war-talks on more than one occasion. His ability to avoid unneeded conflict, and position for ambush or to avoid such situations had saved more lives than Malister will ever say feasible.
Alas it takes more than a skilled scout to win a war country-wide, and although he thought their side the right one, he was on the losing side. 17 years into the war, Malister, along with his company and many others, were forced to flee the lands in loss, never to return. The sea voyage to the continent across the endless blue waters took long enough to make one lose their mind. Malister passed the time by tending to his captain's gryphon...who, while on sea, gave birth to three younglings of her own. And one was given to Malister to raise as his own companion.
Gryphons are mountainous creatures, and open sea unsettles them, makes them nervous. Taking a gryphon over sea on ship is wreckless and dangerous due to their need to fly and venture high points of land mass. However, born into the scene made the instinct easier to quell with Malister's new friend, whom he named 'Typhoon'. Malister too was getting caged up on the ship, used to the expanses of land to venture and hunt. Typhoon was his savior in that regard, once riding was in the option, the two fed the entire crew daily with their allotment of fish they would real in on the day's flights. Malister traded in his spear for a harpoon and became a great asset on the sea. Typhoon and Malister as a team never met a fish they could not catch. If Malister couldn't throw the harpoon deep enough to spear their target, Typhoon would climb high and free dive deep into the water to grab the query.
Once on the new lands that they would have to call home since their departure from their birthlands, Malister decided to venture the new world, and not return to Thae again...leaving his company which disbanned after arrival, and making his way in his new home and forge his own story without the legends of Thae and the Magus Epidemic.

Born in Thae, citizens always shaved their bodies clean of any hair, and often tattooed themselves elaborately. However since his departure from his homeland he's leg go of that tradition and allowed his vibrant red hair to thrive out long on his head, with the black tribal-like points showing on the high spots of his head here and there that were tattooed over his bald head while at home. Bright green eyes loom under a naturally low red brow, all donned on a youthful yet obvious wild-walker face. Stone carved features and tan skin. Born shorter in stature than the common Thaean, he stands little over five and a half feet tall.

Weaponry: Although not enlisted as a combatant perse in his war back home, war still requires readiness in combat. Over the course of his use as a scout to the company, he was trained proficiency with multiple weapons to include a sword and shield. Nothing elaborate was taken to his training save for one: Expanding his use with spears. Naturally a hunter capable of remarkable feats with a spear, the use of the item in warfare differs on many levels. Through this training, his ability with spears were taken from excelent to near flawless. He can throw a spear an uncanny distance even to most supernaturally strong standards and has an accuracy that even some expert archers are jealous of.
Magic: Magic was never something ever touched by Malister. It confuses him and he cannot grasp the concepts of it. However: he does know and respect the use of the skill.
Crafting: Through years of hunting and in the company, Malister gained an inate ability to crafter handy and useful little trinkets to make some of life easier. One example is his saddle for Tyhpoon, crafted entirely by him to ride easier and hold his spare harpoons while in flight. This useful set of skills includes forging, weapon making, armor crafting, cooking, fishing, hunting, and even a small amount of mechanics.
Riding: While riding horse back is much different from riding a gryphon, the base foundation mechanics remain the same and horses were the base lessons to begin to teach any upcoming gryphon rider.
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Malister Lurcracious
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