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 A pirates luck

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Ryou Vatican


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PostSubject: A pirates luck   Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:34 pm

After being trapped within the chaotic city, Renton's leftover men fought and fought until they had no energy nor ammo left over and only five remained including the captain himself. The five were brought into custody by the guards and thus whipped and on schedule to hang.

"Is that the best you can do, you sack of scum? Foxcrown could do better than you and he's nothing but a bitch!" The captain laughed only to be met with another lash that split his skin open. The lashes continued onward for a long time, for each of the five men. Then a nicely dressed man walked in and smiled to them. "Say your final prayers pirates...your going to be hung."

Being unchained and dressed in the clothes they arrived in, they were brought out to the gallows. The crowd gathered around and were ready to watch the five hang, cheers were called out from the crowd ready for the guard to bring justice. Little did any know there were the newly form rebels in the city. The ones that the mob had birthed that joined forces to take over. Just as the boards dropped and the five men dropped arrows flew and broke each of the five ropes tossing the seadogs to the ground, only to stand again, a few stabbed by near guards. A group of men rushed from the crowd, armed and attacked the guards. They armed the pirates as well without word. Renton simply smiled, "My luck ain't be up yet."

A battle persued between guards and rebels, which let the three left over pirates escape from the city having some of the rebel casters summon up a powerful portal to get them all the way to the near edge of the desert only ten to twenty miles from the mountains they had crossed months prior.

Thus began the long trek home, one of the men dying from exhaustion. The other killed by one of those fiesty scorpions. This left over Renton whom made it to the mountains and continued his journey along the paths and through the woods finally finding himself in the silver forest and moving into the city. He was finally home.
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A pirates luck
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