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 Death in Merchants Row

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Silver Roywasio


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PostSubject: Death in Merchants Row   Mon Nov 15, 2010 11:26 pm

Silver, disguised as Noami, the young half Asian Alchemist, woke up several hours later in the jeweler's shop. The man had taken pity on the seemingly young girl, despite Maxwell's warnings, and had simply set her in his bed to wait for the sleeping powder to wear off. She woke up groggy, looking around confused, unsure of were she was. The room she was in was posh, the rug beneath the bed thick and warm. A glance in the mirror made her scowl, as her nose and ears had been dyed a bright red. Looking around, she spotted the note Maxwell had left with her. Reading it, her eyes blazed furiously. Just then, the merchant, a man in his middle years with salt and pepper hair and beard, knocked lightly on the door before pushing it open.
"Ah, you are awake. Young Maxwell said you'd be up and about by now," he said with a jovial air. "I don't know what you did to irk him, he's generally as easy going a lad as can be," he continued, only to choke off as he suddenly found a dagger buried in his chest. Silver stood in front him, her chest rising and falling with the excitment she always felt during a kill.
She had dropped the illusion surrounding herself, and the man's eyes were wide as he looked upon the assassin. "Y-you!" he managed to gasp out before falling to his knees as she yanked the dagger out, only to slash it across his neck, his warm blood splashing across her chest and face.
"Me," she said grimly to the cooling body at her feet, the merchants blood pooling in the carpet. It was time that everyone knew that she, Silver Roywasio, was back. Let them jump at shadows, never knowing where she was. Using the same dagger, she cut off a lock of her shoulder length hair, placing it in his hand, placing a kiss to the dead man's cheek, leaving the print of her painted lips.
That done, she grabbed a cloak that was hanging by the bedroom door and left the shop, taking with her all the valuables she could carry.
An hour later, shouts came from the outskirts of town - the alchemists shop had caught fire. Within minutes, an explosion rocked the ground, shattering the seeming peace of the night as the chemicals within caught fire, leaving behind nothing but a smoking crater where the Alchemist Naomi's house once stood.
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Death in Merchants Row
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