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 The pride of the Sea Regatta

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PostSubject: The pride of the Sea Regatta   Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:02 pm

The summer was growing to an end, the days shorter and cooler, the nights more inviting to the comforts of a wool quilt. With the change in seasons, brought a new wind, some would say to the Chamber of Commerce.
On the sunny Friday morning, Jean deCampe Baynard of the shipping company which shared his name, strolled the lane leading to the Chamber of Commerce, wearing only the finest blue doublet, white linen, and blue wool cloak trimmed in ermine. His mind wandered to and fro. With the end of warm nights meant the end to his passenger cruises around the bay. Longer nights meant more chances for theft along the warehouses; foolish individuals stealing only to fulfill their immediate desire; boozes, dices, and whores. Baynard sighed knowing he would have to hire other foolish brutes to protect his assets. In any chase that would be money spent from his coffers. “The lean season for all,” he said off handedly aloud.

Flinthammer, Baynard’s trusted Dwarf body guard walked a few steps behind his master. His face didn’t show the same concern. Bixbi enjoyed the winter months, the cool nights walking the harbor, smashing the heads of those who were stupid enough to steal from any of his master’s warehouses. Even if his master was suffering monetary starvation, the Dwarf smiled knowing that his coffer was well protected. “You will manage, sir, as you always do.”
Baynard chuckled, “I do enjoy your optimism, Mr. Borgoson. But unless you strike a vein of gold or rubies below my wine cellar! then I will need to think of something to keep me living at the station which I have come to enjoy.”

The sun lit the hall, warming the oak, reminding everyone of earlier days as it still made the sweat bead upon the counsel’s necks. On the dais Ea Shamash dabbed at his brow with a simple cloth, enduring the day humbly. Being the High Priest of the Temples rewarded many wonderful benefits, including a seat on this counsel, but today he wished he was back in the hills tending the sheep, feeling the autumn breeze instead of sweat roll down his neck.
“In the Regent’s Name, High Priest,” the Lord Jaxon a`Rone said as he approached from behind the priest. “Oh, yes in his Name. Good day Lord a`Rone. I am sure you are in good spirits this morn.”

The lord took his seat to the left of the priest, looking as regal as the Regent might if he was to be seen in public. “Aye, I am thank you. The Regent would have me announce that due to the approaching winter he is concerned with the status of his winter reserves and asks that all citizens try to make do and prays that everyone has a bountiful harvest. So bountiful, he added, that they find it in their hearts to share with those in need, even in the saddest of moments if he appeared in beggars robes.”

With a cough and sigh, still dabbing at the sweat on his neck, Shamash said, “I am glad to know his grace is concerned with how well we will far this winter.” Jaxon smirked removing his gloves with a smack against the table. “Oh we will be well taken care of my good man. Those sitting around us might have to tighten the belt,” pointing across the hall at the barrel chest of Charles E. Hallenbach, “especially Happy Charlie over there. But we, no, I am sure to celebrate a happy Winter Sol…” “Indeed Lord a`Rone,” was all Ea Shamash could says, unenthusiastically. “Will the Lord Angelo be joining the counsel today?” the priest asked looking around the hall.

Jaxon yawned crossing his arms, “My master teacher humbly sends his greetings but regrets that the school keeps him too busy to hear the wining of these bloated merchants,” he said still staring across at the head of the Hallenbach family.
Across the hall Happy Charlie was too feeling the heat, but not that of the day though. “How does that man think I am supposed to make a bloody livin’ if every one of my crates are taxed twice?! Once for customs, and again for the tariff the Regent weighs for renting the land our warehouses occupy! Is it my fault the Shengalian make a better blade then our blacksmith or that the wood from the south makes the best furnishings! How am I supposed to compete with the “The Company” with half as many ships!”

His oldest, picked his teeth next to his father, “Me n’ the boys da’ could make some of their ships unfit to sail. That would twist the nose of that blacky bastard, al’Sahil.” Charles let his son know his answer with a smack to the back of the neck. “I will not have you cost me more money bailing you out of jail just to keep you in the robes which you enjoy parading around in. No! Junior, I will tell you when I want you to think. For now keep your goons sober enough to protect the assets which I can manage to get off the damn ships.” “Whatever to say, da,” C.E. grumbled putting his feet up on the table in front of them.

“And put your feet down, you embarrassment.” A smack rang out in the hall with more grumbling from the heir to the Hallenbach Trading Post.
Though he is rarely seen at the festive occasions, the captain of the Abora Wind never missed a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, Nadil sat on the other side of the hall from the company which spoke so ill of him. His demeanor was quiet, content with his affairs and that of the Regent. This is what kept a smirk to be carved in his stone face.

“Good day Captain,” came the ivory voice of a woman who approached the table to the right of Nadil. “Good day , Lady Valaris. Your shining presence intimates everyone in this room.” The Lady Valaris nodded, this was usual banter between the two rivals. It was their way of showing respect. The Half Orc Moses pulled out the lady’s chair, stepping aside once she was seated.

“It is quiet today, Mr. Moses. This must mean we are ahead of Mr. Baynard and the pretty Mr. Elmo,” the Elven maiden said as her servant assisted with removing her crimson cloak. “Yes, m’lady,” Moses replied nodding to Nadil in the same respect. “We can only enjoy this peace for a bit longer, lady. I spied the bastard Baynard and his dog as I walked the walls before this meeting,” Captain al’Sahil said politely across to the lady. “A shame, but one I will have to endure,” Cyllia sighed.

About this time the chamber doors opened to the sound of an argument. “It was clearly marked E&S and your men sent it afloat. I have it on good authority to collect the cost of the crate and the tax and tariff from you Mr. Baynard!” These were the opening remarks of one Quincy Elmo followed by his brother who showered little concern for the crate. “Boy, if your crew wants to take up the entire dock when they are unloading, then a few pieces of cargo will become damaged. It is none of my concern how careless your men are. Take it up with them,” Jean said waving the back of his hand as he entered the hall.

Dominic approached Baynard, putting his arm around the other’s shoulders. “Come now, Jean. Sure you can be kind. My brother is just a good book keeper. When he sees a problem with the numbers, he becomes angry. Jean, Jean, Jean, we all know how we like to have our fun from time to time, but,” he said producing the small stiletto from his side and putting it to Baynard’s right ribs, “there is no need to be rude to my brother here in this hall.” Jean’s gaze turned to the blade, yet there was no alarm, for Bixbi had already seized the arm of the eldest Elmo. “Must I give you a warning boy? In front of all these people. In front of the Lady Valaris.”

The commotion only caused the Lord a`Rone to roll his eyes and pound the table with his fist. “Sit down all of you! It is bad enough the heat in this hall already without you four filling it with more hot air. Let us call this meeting of merchants to order before the three o’clock bells.”
Jean and Dominic nodded releasing each and strolling in close company with Bixbi and Quincy exchanging evil stares close behind. Because of past incidents there was a larger gap made between the tables of the Lady Valaris and that of Baynard.

This of course did not stop Jean from blowing a kiss towards the lady as he sat down. Cyllia took no notice of the man’s advice, speaking to Mr. Moses in one or all the languages they shared.
Jaxon stood while the others sat. “Good now I am to inform you that since the marketplace was affected by the Lich and commerce greatly affected, the Lord Regent will be subsidize all farm produce to help our farmers when the harvests come. This means that all foreign goods need to be taxed once more this winter to offset the loss from the government’s coffers.

A great grumbled erupted from every seat in the hall.
“You thief! You starve half the town, while fattening the other!” Happy Charlie shouted at the dais. “No one in this room Mr. Hallenbach, especially you, needs to worry about starving.” Ea Shamash even chuckled into his napkin with that comment.

After his original conversation with his bodyguard, Jean felt it the perfect opportunity to suggest his idea to keep himself and sadly give the chance to everyone in this room to remain comfortable this winter.
“Lord a`Rone, may I suggest something I think will fancy everyone in this office?” Jean smiled proudly. “If you must Mr. Baynard, but please it best not start trouble.”

Jean stood and portrayed his smile around the room. “I suggest a competition. Please hear me out.” He turned to his left, studying the Lady Valaris. When his eyes caught those of her man servant, the Orc Bloodmoon, he turned to speak to the room, addressing the words however in her direction. “Lady Valaris you are currently living out on Veleda island at your country estate there?” The Lady spoke quietly to the Orc beside her who as an answer nodded approval.
“That is public knowledge, Mr. Baynard , get on with it,” Jaxon said bored with the businessman’s rambling. Jean nodded to his answer and continued. “It is also public knowledge that the Lady returns to the city before the start of winter and holds the Pageant of Veleda.”

“For the last time, Jean, you will not be invited to the pageant!” Cyllia said coldly towards the gentleman. Jean didn’t let the Elven maiden’s answer bother him. “The competition I suggest will occur at the discretion of this counsel and the lady. To get to the point, a regatta around the island of Veleda and back to a starting point near Hartz’s Island. ThePride of the Sea, that’s what we will call it! Bragging rights to the winner.”
The murmuring around the hall seemed to be in Jean’s favor.

“And how will bragging rights be helpful when winter sets in, Mr. Baynard?” Jaxon liked the idea, just not the person who suggested it. Jean stepped out from behind his table and walked to the center of the hall. “Not only bragging rights, my good man, but if the Regent will allow, the owner of the winning vessel will also receive a contract allow them to trade free of taxation for an entire year!”

At this proclamation, Happy Charlie jumped from his seat and shouted, “I second this proposal! It will be a grand event. Of course we in this room who have the ability could sponsor multiple ship, am I right gentlemen, and lady?” The Lord Sheriff grunted standing once more, “For a year of tax free trade, Mr. Hallenbach, you will sail no vessel if I had my way, but in fairness, one ship is all any will be allowed to enter. Besides how in your greedy little minds did you think the Regent would agree to a year of no taxation?”

“Because in his wisdom, our Lord Regent will see that it takes at least three months for a ship to return from anywhere,” said the least likely member of the counsel, the Captain al’Sahil. “If I may, a regatta will be a civil avenue for each person in this room to vent their feelings towards one another.

For this reason I ask the lady to be kind enough to arrange her pageant either at the opening or close of this event.”
All eyes in the hall turned to study the stunning maiden, dressed in white with red trim shadowed by the impressive gallant strength of the Mr. Moses. “I see no reason why Mr. Baynard sees it necessary to schedule this regatta near my annual pageant, but the idea interests me.”

Jaxon sighed, thinking that the counsel had finally agreed on something which could benefit the government more than their own pockets. “Then it is in agreement, let us set the rules.”

Rules of the Pride of the Sea Regatta
1. No person can enter multiple vessels to represent their assest.
2. Only vessels that can be operated by no more than a six person crew are eligible.
3. All vessels can only be propelled by wind or oars. No magical or steam powered assistance.
4. Regatta route will begin on the western side of Hartz’s Island and head north where all competitors must navigate around Veleda Island. Once around the island, the competitors finish on the eastern side of Hartz’s Island. The course will be monitor by the Regent’s Ship-of-the-Line.
5. No vessel or competing crews may bear arms while participating in the regatta.
6. Violation of rules results in immediate disqualification from the regatta and arrest of crew upon returning to the harbor. The owner/sponsor of the ship will be fined and forbidden from trade for duration to be determined after a counsel trial.
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The pride of the Sea Regatta
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