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 Eldarus' very own Mage Guild!

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Maxwell Evans


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PostSubject: Eldarus' very own Mage Guild!   Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:12 pm

Do you wish to further your talents with spells, enchantments, and potions? Do you want to put those skills to use to scrape together a bit of silver while lending a hand to the townspeople? Then you should stop by the Jester's Treasure Chest in the market, which is owned by me, Max, the hopeful leader of this new guild. First and foremost the guild is about forming a close group that will help one another, and the town in times of need. The Guild will be run out of the shop for the time being. Anyone who has a request, quest, or job may come by and it will be put on display for guild members to see and take on, if they so choose. A fair reward must be agreed upon before the request is taken. Please note that we will not take on any that involve murder or any other shady dealings. The Mage Guild will not be at the beck and call of either the rangers or the guard, but will offer their help if the city comes under attack. For any more details please stop by the Jester's Treasure Chest in the market.
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Eldarus' very own Mage Guild!
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