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 Char info

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PostSubject: Char info   Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:14 pm

Name: Kr'fal (pronounced very gutterally, he answers to nearly anything)

Race: Orc. --ish. Kr'fal claims modern Orcs are his ancestor's polluted bloodline.

Aprox age: Ancient. He estimates 10,000+

Gender: Male

Weapons: Most anything within reach. True to his roots, Kr'fal is a brawler and relies mostly on his brute strength. He has been trained in "proper" use of blades, bows, and other assorted weaponry but rarely carries or uses any of them.

Special abilities: Necromancy, general sorcery and knowledge, and an inability to die (more on that below).

Personality: Completely amoral, ruthless, and arrogant. He is very guarded about his own activities, past or present, but will act however he deems appropriate to gather information.

Brief history:

Kr'fal's past is shrouded in history. He has lead revolutions, been the man behind the curtain, a legendary creature, and an unknown hermit. The constant in his life (and his regular downfall) is attempts at power. Kr'fal seems incapable of accepting any other magic as on par with his own, nor of the "lesser races" (excluding elves, dragons, and other long-lived, ancient creatures) comprehending his plans.

None of that would have happened had a necromancer not enslaved his people. Kr'fal was singled out for use as an undead slave, meant for storage of stolen souls (a walking power plant, if you will) and for training as a permanent lieutanent, due to his natural abilities. Not long after -- relative to him, he now suspects it was after several hundred years -- Kr'fal grew tired of his slavery and destroyed his master. Confounding Kr'fal's expectations, he did not die or become mortal. Without knowing how his soul was brought back, Kr'fal has no idea what must happen for him to die... Or, rather, to stay dead. Dying is a traumatic experience for him and he avoids the subject of an afterlife. When he's in a particularly good mood, he will talk about the years he spent trying to commit suicide: It lead him to his purpose for living.

That purpose is to rule, by any means necessary.

Kr'fal arrived in Eldarus when his bones washed ashore nearby, luckily reviving himself from energy gathered by chance encounters with fish along the way. After a short stint wandering the forests and making himself appear presentable, he wanders into town...

Other character info:

While big and strong compared to a normal humans, Kr'fal is relatively weak. Without constant maintenance his body rots: first weakening him, then completely breaking down. He can be caught up in brawls and forget to concentrate on the magic, causing an opponent to be left holding his arm/leg/torso. Not surprisingly, this often ends the fight. Extended periods without regular healing causes him to break down almost completely, leaving naught but unidentifiable pieces of bone. Should someone take a piece, and he manages to remake himself, he will be drawn towards the missing piece through some magic Kr'fal himself doesn't understand.

If trapped, through magic or mundane means, Kr'fal could theoretically be held indefinitely. He privately believes most hauntings are places where necromancers/lichs like himself were trapped and unable to restore themselves before losing their minds. He has been trapped many times and is unable to estimate the time he spent in that in-between state. When (properly) captured, Kr'fal waits for unsuspecting people to draw near and literally fuels himself with their souls.

For day to day purposes, Kr'fal draws some life force from every living thing around him. Unless he is already flush with power, the distance between him and his "victim" must be fairly close -- no more than 20 feet. Non-magical people are unaware of anything happening though some tire more quickly. Even magical entities inexperienced in this type of necromancy often don't notice the minor theft, especially if districted by conversation or drink. Kr'fal often works his way slowly across as a tavern or common area when he feels weak. When he needs a larger amount of power, or wishes to store easy-to-access energy for some effort, he will surreptitiously murder anyone convenient or obliterate life deep in a thick wilderness (including the plants, animals, insects, etc).

The only reason he hides this behavior is to ease his position in society. Kr'fal scoffs at being labelled "evil," preferring the more correct "amoral." He simply chooses the course of action best for himself and leaves the rest to fate.

His experience and magical skill allow him to offer services as a healer or general sorcerer and he will, if only to meet powerful and influential people in the community.
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Char info
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