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 Acheron Drakkar

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Character Name:: Kalanaere Stacia Tsugara
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PostSubject: Acheron Drakkar   Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:51 am

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Amon Kentimentiu

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PostSubject: Unclean   Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:31 am

Rumor had struck the city of this 'Lich' and his antics. Granted there was one that considered the tactics, not to mention mouth, anything but what such a prestige undead shall present itself as.

Amon stared upon the wanted poster with the black hollows in the golden jackal-faced mask's eyes. Reading it he lifted a hand and pulled the gold mask from his face. Turning it around he slammed it into the wooden frame behind it, cracks and breaks sounded through the woodwork as the frame of the mask slammed through it. Amon then walked away leaving his message as the poster was ripped and crippled from the mask that now stared out from where the poster had once hung. Amon had never once stepped foot in this small city. However, he'd sent 'worms that walk' and other allied beings to accomplish his works and will. But this little youth. This sad blasphemy to what it meant to be a Lich deserved something far more attention. Amon would honor the poor sap with his presence personally.
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Acheron Drakkar
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