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 Purchasing Rubble- A new owner for the Coachman

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PostSubject: Purchasing Rubble- A new owner for the Coachman   Tue Jul 13, 2010 5:01 pm

(this is a Cedric Post)

As cedric Ellingotn was walking past the charred remains of the Jolly Coachman he happened upon Ol' Barney, aiding in the cleanup. It had been a long time coming in the cleaning up and rebuilding of the Coachman, and the truth was the funds were just not there and Barney had a strained worried look on his face as he looked at what rremained of his livelihood. He had been working hard trying to fix things but what could he do. Cedric was perceptive of this as he slid up to the man, silent as death, thought he was not an assassin by hoice, he had all the right skills for it, coming up with a broad grin he spoke easily jovially even. "Hard time eh? it is a tragedy, I so did enjoy coming here, any idea when it will be opened back up?"

When Barney replied that he did not, Cedric got a peculiar gleam in his eye, and running a hand through his short cut sunset orange hair spoke after a moments pause. "Say, how bout I take this burden off your hands, I'll buy this pile of rubble from you, build it back and run it, better than it ever was. You'd be welcome of course to stay on as a well paid bartender, best paid in town I can assure you, as soon as business gets picked up" he said, his easy smile plastered on his face. His smile was one of the things that always was around even when he was unhappy, it had saved his life on many occasions, and got him almost killed by many jeaslous fathers also.

Barney, wiped a tear from his eye turning his back on the man feelings of rage, anguish and self-pity all storming throuhg him, but what could he really say? He didn't have the money saved up to rebuild the Coachman, this man, assumingly so as he was offering did, and in the end, Barney was forced ot accept the offer, doing what was best for the establishment he loved and had poured his life into. "treet 'er wel." he said, holding back the tears that were on the verge of falling again, dabbing at his eyes with a handkerchief that was yellowed...not just from age. "She be all I e'er got, ser, treet 'er kinlee, best ye." before walking away.

The deal would leave Barney fairly well off, enough to retire on and be wealthy, well not quite wealthy but comfortable and in his eyes wealthy. It would significantlly drain cedric of the sum of money he had robbed from the Tax train with Silver Roywasio, but this was ok because soon the tavern would be back up and booming and he had new ideas, he was going to add gambling tables, and use it as a front for his fledgling guild, so he was not worried about money, and of course it had not completely tapped him out, just left him lighter in the pockets...Cedric always did love a challenge, and this would be his biggest adventure yet.
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Purchasing Rubble- A new owner for the Coachman
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