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 Leland Krail

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Leland Krail

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PostSubject: Leland Krail   Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:53 pm

Name: Leland Krail

Race: half elf and half human

Age: Looks 30's Never tells his real age

Gender: Male

Special abilities: heighten senses and can feel when danger aproaches him. can heal light wounds to others and himself. Trained well in hand to hand and sword fighting.

Pesonality: Leland is rather laid back and calm but can be tough, and protective if provoked. Quite protective of his half sister Rhynna Thay. Sometimes competitive often loves to play arm wrestling or drinking games. A bit of a romantic and often a gentleman. Loves history and philosophy, smoking his pipe, a good drunking song and music, likes talking about war stategies and tatics, also likes a good game of chess.

Son of a famous human warrior Alexander Krail and elven maiden Mirenna. Older Half Brother of Rhynna Thay, they share the same mother. Born in his mother's homeland of The Forest of Dalby but due to his father's traditions he was forced to leave when he was 6 years old. He lived with his father's people in the Kingdom of WulfenBlade there he trained to be a warrior. He was taught combat skills and sword fighting.After his father died in combat when Leland just became comming of age of adulthood he decided to travel the world and learn what he could, using his sword to help others and occasionally do other labors for trade. When word got around to him of an attack by bandits and goblins that destroyed the small elven village where he was born he was devastated. One day while wandering along a forest trail he came upon a strange wild savaged woman creature, half elf and half dragon. He soon realized that this was his sister due to that she looked very much like their mother. He was able to teach her and calm her. Although learned of a terrible secret that laid inside of her, a beastly creature that he found out he could control but she did not know of. Her curious nature seperated them, apparently she wanted to do her own exploring from what she learned from him. He found her a few years later in Eldarus.

He and his sister look nothing alike, some do not believe they are relatives. While Rhynna is of smaller frame, Leland looks more like a Viking of olden times. Being 6 foot 3 inches broad chested, tones muscles and broad shouldered with long black hair which he usually ties back. He looks more human except for his pointed elven ears. Behind his left pointed ear is a long braid of his hair that is decorated in blue feathers and beads. A black goatee on his chin and deep blue colored eyes. He is usually dressed in hard brown leather armor and boots. Sometimes a long black trench coat. On his belt is a long broad sword. He is usually found in a tavern having a drink or smoking his S shape elven pipe.
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Leland Krail
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