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 Cedric Ellington- Tried and Sentenced

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PostSubject: Cedric Ellington- Tried and Sentenced   Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:52 am

Cedric Ellington was brought before His Lordship Jaxon Arone yesterday on teh charge of Murder. Cedric from the beginning confessed to his crime, stating it was a heat of the moment crime as the man was trying to rip him off of a large sum of money, he showed ample regret and sowwow and a desire to never commit such an atrocity again. HIs deamonr and seemingly sincere apologies to the Regent seemed to have spared him his life.

Cedric Ellington has been sentenced to 30 days of Community Service to be served under the watchfull eye of Sergeant Shizekusa, after such time his case shall be reexamined by His Lordship the Regent. If Cedric has done his Service and paid his debt to societ, he will likely be free to go, otherwise the Regent did not eloberate on what could happen bu was clear that it would not end well for Mr. Ellington

So it has been Decreed. So it shall be!
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Cedric Ellington- Tried and Sentenced
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