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 Silver Roywasio- BANISHED!!!

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PostSubject: Silver Roywasio- BANISHED!!!   Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:48 am

On 27 June 912, His Lordship Jaxon Arone Regent to His Majesty in Eldarus has issued a Banishment to Silver Roywasio, thrice convicted of capital offenses agaisnt the city of Eldarus. This exile will take affect three days from that time, and after that three day grace period, any law enforcement spotting Miss Roywasio within the city limits (Any room guarded by the Guards or Rangers) have an order to kill on sight, there is no more taking into custody or mercy for one of the city's most dangerous and ruthless criminals, she has showed time and again a lack of compassion and the inability to reform, therefore, if she graces out humble city with her presence in he future any further she shall be executed on the spot without delay and with extreme prejudice.

A warning to all fair Citizens of Eldarus. Stay away from Silver Roywasio, if you see her, turn and flee, lest you wind up like one of her last victims, find the nearest law enforcement and inform them immediately, do not make contact with her, avoid her at all costs at your own peril. Anyone seen associating willingly with her will be dealt with severly, and at peril of their own life as well.

So it has been Decreed. So it shall be!
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Silver Roywasio- BANISHED!!!
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