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 Altercation at the Inn

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PostSubject: Altercation at the Inn   Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:08 pm

on the Night of the 25th the guard was summoned to the Inn for a disturbance amongst two of the patrons of teh establishment. Upon arrival it was found that Capt. Vincent Syth of the Rangers and Trega Merekid, a well known merchant Captain were engaged in a one on one fight. The combatants were quickly seperated by Lt. Kalanaere of the Guard and Lt. Rynn of the Rangers. Capt. FoxCrown arrived on scene shortly afterwards to aid with the dispersal of the gathered crowd. No arrests were made and both parties were released on their own accord or into the custody of another. No bystanders were harmed in this manner and the matter is under investigation. Due to the extreme nature of this event and the possibilities that it co-incides with current investigations of criminal activity surrounding the city no further information is currently available nor shall it be released without express written concent from either Capt. or the Regent himself.

All parties wishing to make any claims on this matter for any form of reimbursement need to submit a written request to the Regent himself so that it may be considered.
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Altercation at the Inn
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