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PostSubject: mooowwww   Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:37 pm

Country born in: CANADA
Age 22

Gender: female

1. HOw do you feel America impacts the world, in a positive or negative manner, why?: This questions worded stupidly. They impact the world in both postive and negative manners..mainly because of the amount of money, power and corruption they hold in their side of the court.

2. How did the war in Iraq impact your view of the UNited States, if at all and why? I thought it was a stupid move, but I never really follow the politics behind it, so it just made me shake my head and roll my eyes.

3. How does the percieved American Military dominance over the rest of the world affect your view of the United States, why? They pretty much own us... Canada is the US's polite younger brother, that gets conned into doing shit for the older sibling. America's a bully Razz

4. How much does trust or lack there-of affect America's interactions with other nations around the world?: Makes things a bit harder to deal with poltically I guess.

5. Do you feel that the United sates has too little, too much, or just enough involvement in foreign countries when tragedies occur, explain why. : ...Aren't they usually the ones causing the problems Wink

Sorry if these answers are useless. Razz
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