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 Report of a crime!

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PostSubject: Report of a crime!   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:43 pm

The terrified dockworker ran up to the door of the guardhouse. He hesitated to knock, looking around to make sure those men hadn't followed him. It was too late now. He knocked on the door in a fast, frantic flurry. The moment the door was opened by the guard on duty, the dockworker rushed inside.
"I need to report an assault." The man blurted nervously.

The dockworkers report was as follows:

"There were two of them. I was just putting the crates in the alley like I'm s'posed to. They followed me into the alley. I didn't know they were there until the big one's shadow was all around me. They beat me up real bad. The little one kept asking about some girl he was lookin' for. I told him I didn't know, but he just had the big guy hurt me more. I really don't know! He was looking for an 'Arry Somebody'. I don't remember. They said they were gonna kill me! Then he just threw me into the crates and they left. You have to help me!"

The assailants were described as follows:

Two men. One was small and skinny and white. He was a greasy, dirty looking man with a slightly nasaly voice. He wore short brown pants and a simple tunic with a dirty, worn over coat. The other was a very large and muscular man with dark skin. He wore short pants as well and no shirt and he had a long curved sword on his hip.
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Ranger Foxcrown


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PostSubject: Re: Report of a crime!   Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:21 pm

The report lays on top of Ranger's desk the next morning when he comes in, starting off the day in a wonderful manner for him. Something didn't sit right in his mind, after an informnt from yesterday had spoken of two such assailants, which put him off even more as he files the report away considering how to proceed.
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Report of a crime!
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