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PostSubject: Panther   Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:50 pm

Name: Panther

Nickname/Aliases: N/A

Age: 27

Alignment: Neutral

Race or Species: Human

Class: Former knight; rogue, mercenary

Non-magical Abilities:

Master of Deception - is very good at lying and deceiving other people
Slippery Mind - can wiggle free from magical effects that would otherwise control or compel him
Master Poisoner - is very well versed and trained in the use of poisons and antidotes
Escape Artist - can easily escape from confinement
Forgery - has mastered the ability to forge documents
Pick Lock - can pick locks with ease

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Shortly cropped, black

Skin: Dark tan

What do you look like:

Panther has short cropped raven hair and brown eyes. He normally wears a worn out, stained leather vest, rough spun black pants and tunic underneath the vest, and shoes that have seen better days. A simple, undecorated steel longsword is his only possession that set him apart from peasants.

Describe your attitude:

Panther despises of nobility, other knights, and drinking.

Biggest character flaw:

He has a peculiar way of talking as well as his gait, which is rather feline-like.

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Marriage: Single

Children: None

Favorite Color(s): Black

Favorite Animal: Panthers

Favorite Drink: Water

Things you collect:

Things that he "liberates" from rich people.

God(dess) you worship: None

Something you are good at: Picking locks


Panther, though a knight, is different from the others. He did not come from a noble family or owned any lands of his own. Rather, he was born as a peasant and taken as a boy to fight some long forgotten war and was made a knight for his deeds. His skin, darkly tanned, is a stark contrast to most nobility's pale skin. Callouses resembling thick leather cover both hands from farmer tools as well as weapons. Panther disdains of drinking and nobility, and he despises other knights (though not from jealousy).

After renouncing his knighthood, a king made him become his jester (also because of his gait). When the king's daughter turned fifteen years old, a joust was announced in her honor, followed by mêlée. The champion would become the princess's husband. To repay the king for his insult, Panther entered the joust.

Despite the mockery from the peasants, nobility, and royalty alike, Panther was agile and quick on his feet, dancing around the heavily armored knights in his leather armor. It was almost a joke, but the Panther fought like a hellcat and won the championship.

When it was announced (with much scorn) he would marry the princess, Panther scoffed at them both and left. Fleeing from the king's wrath, Panther has now found himself here.
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