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 Aite Lyrik-

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Aite Lyr

PostSubject: Aite Lyrik-   Tue Jun 01, 2010 1:50 pm

Name: Aite Lyrik

Race: drow

Nicknames: N/a

Alignment: neutral

Height: 5’5’’

Weight: 122 lbs

Distinguishing Features: Dark skin, Silver-white hair. Cold, blue eyes. White-lined scars on her arms, around her wrists.

Age: 23

Weapons: Small daggers, her fists, teeth, nails.

Skills and Knowledge:
She knows how to survive
How to turn her back on the world
Speaks drow.
How to hide.
How to steal.
Decent liar.

Physical Appearance: Slightly taller than an average drow, she stands at 5’5’’ and is of average weight. She has medium length silver-grey hair, with short bangs that slide over the left side of her face, veiling her normally cold looking blue eyes from the world. She like all drows, are dark skinned. She wears unisex clothing as it is easier and cheaper to come by. Her pants always seem to be a bit on the large side, and she keeps them fastend to her body with an old rope. Her arms and wrists are decorated with self-inflicted cuts from the past. She seems to rarely smile when in groups, usually only offering an amused smirk, or a blank look.

Personality: She is not the nicest people in the world and has very few friends left in life. She refuses to trust or have faith in people as they’ve only seemed to let her down. She is usually unpleasant and has the mindset that it’s the world against her. She isn’t the problem, everyone else is. She anti social, and is a high risk for suicide - already having faked her own death once. She depressed, and angry. Although, with her few friends (Max) she can almost seem clam, caring and even happy. Just keep everyone else away Wink

Best place to hang out: Max’s shop.
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Aite Lyrik-
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