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 Letters to Eldarus

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Ryou Vatican


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PostSubject: Letters to Eldarus   Fri May 28, 2010 5:24 pm

Around mid-day on that particular day, a horseman would ride swiftly through the silver forest and onward into the city itself. Eventually it came to a stop before the guardhouse of Eldarus, and knocked at the door a couple times. When the door opened having a guard meet him there. "Give this letter to that of Rynn Arokh, tell her it's from Vincent Syth."

With that the horsemen was back on his steed riding quickly for the harbor as instructed by the Ranger Captain. Upon arriving at the dock he would ask around for Trega Merekid, only to be pointed to the ship named "The roving wench" He quickly walked up the gangplank and made his way for the captain's cabin. Having no response to his knocking the messenger pinned a letter to the door.

As soon as the letters were delivered the messenger was off in whirlwind upon his horse, heading back to the small southern village in which Vincent was recovering. The notes that were left were as read.

As you may or may not have noticed, I've not been in town a couple days. I've been on a trip with Auryon Rivorn, It was trip to change her inner person for the best. As I've heard from either side you two don't get along that well, however I'm still in love with her so this was on my priority list.
As I was taking her to the city where the help awaited we took a stop as a small farming village and was resting at a tavern. This is when we were attacked by a large man, and a smaller one who was sharp with his pistols. After a short struggle, Auryon was taken and I was shot in the stomach.
Fear not however, for a retired healer took me into her care and patched me up. I'm now going to rescue Auryon this night. I should be back in two or three days. But I promise I will be back, and Auryon will be with me. Try to take care of some of the ranger's affairs, when you don't have to deal with Ranger himself. Thank you, friend.
Captain Vincent Syth
P.S. when I get back I'm going to more or less pressure Ranger into giving you back to me as my lieutenant. As Ranger has recently acquired the new color and powers, not to mention the dragon. Either way, keep this from Ranger as it's my surprise to him.

As I saw Auryon lay a letter to you on your table, I assume you know I brought her off somewhere that would help her. On the way there however we were on the way there and we stopped at a tavern as she was complaining at the lack of drinks, rum to be specific.
While there we were attacked by a couple of mercenaries. They were hired by her uncle, is what I gathered from the banter between them. One was a very large man with sword, the other a small dirty man who has impossible aim with his pistols.
With Auryon under the influence of some sort of drug, from what I gather she wasn't much more help then a single move. Then she was captured, I was going to free her, but I found myself shot in the stomach. I lived only because a retired healer found me and helped me.
Tonight I plan on rescuing Auryon. I also plan returning with her within the next few days. I'll return alive, and she will be with me. When we do return she will either be dropped off at your ship, or at the station.
Captain Vincent Syth.
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Letters to Eldarus
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