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 A Note & departing gift

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PostSubject: A Note & departing gift   Mon May 24, 2010 10:08 pm

Grumbling about nearly being guilted into a trip she had made her way up the ramp of the Roving Wench and into the Cabin. Promptly, she fetched a small sack and began shuving articles of clothing in it - enough for three or so days. She rifled through a small box near the bed pulling out several small sacks. Some filled with gold, and some with seemingly unimportant trinkets, all were uncermoniously thrown into the bag. "This better be worth it.." she'd sigh, as she pushed aside the mattress of the bed, and reaching a hand blindly underneath, feeling around untill she had found the slim box, she slid it out from beneath the mattress and opened the top - inside were six peices of hard polished wood, all with different shapes lines, numbers and even names painstainkingly craved into them. Each peice of wood was an awkard shape, as if they had all been whole. She'd count them a moment, ensuring all the peices were there before closing the box, and sliding that too into her sack. Before leaving, she'd tear a peice of parchment and hastily scribble a note "Going home - Auryon" Satisfied that it was information enough, she left the Cabin, and deboarded the ship, sack thrown over her shoulder as she rejoined Vincent, following him to the Market place where he argued breifly over transportation. Whilst this occured, the pirate had once again slipped away, towards the Dark arm forge where upon finding the building locked up tight, had withdrawn the slim box from her sack and slid in inside the mailbox, wedging it into the very back. Even mika, with all his specialness, would likely have a hard time extracting it with his bare hands. She left no note inside, knowing he would be pleased if not a bit puzzled with the gift she had left him in charge of.

Vincent joined her once again looking questioningly as she stepped away from the Forge.
"Why are you at Mika's?" Vincent asked, escorting her towards the carriage he had illegimately aquired thanks to red-heads peer pressuring, "He's obessed with me. If I didn't atleast say goodbye, He'd cry himself into a secound death."
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Trega Merekid


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PostSubject: Re: A Note & departing gift   Wed May 26, 2010 1:32 pm

Trega sauntered somewhat merrily along the harobour. He had, in one hand, a bottle of fine wine from Pixie's private selection. His other arm was around the hips of a very pretty young woman . . . also from Pixie's private selection. He led her up the ramp and aboard the Roving Wench. The woman giggled in anticipation as they went into the cabin and Trega's private quarters. She'd heard the other girls talk about their experiences there, and this young lovely was starting to get chills already.
Then Trega stopped. He picked up the note that had been left on the table and read it. "Damnit!" he muttered, then in an even lower tone, he said to himself, "not now." Suddenly he was a blur of motion about the cabin. The girl just stood and watched with a very confused expression.
Trega took a piece of parchment from the desk and hastily scribbled a note of his own. He turned to the girl. "Take this back to the curtain as fast as your feet can carry you, girl. Give it to Pixie and her alone."
"But . . ." the girl started to protest, but Trega's eyes cut off any argument she was about to make. " . . . alright." She was clearly disappointed.
Trega flashed her a charming smile. "Go now. She'll understand the message. I'll make it up to you. Now go."
The girl turned and started back toward the Silk Curtain to deliver the note to her employer. Trega started packing a bag.
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Mika Ravencross


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PostSubject: Re: A Note & departing gift   Wed May 26, 2010 5:23 pm

A man steps out of the Dark Arms Forge, moving out into the sunlight of the bright afternoon. He wore a black Velvet shirt with a silver string criss crossing over the deep V neck line. Over that he wore a black Jerkin with silver stitchings and fastenings. Long black buckle boots went up his entire leg, as if there were just straps going up his legs. He pulls on a pair of leather gloves over his long, thin, needle like fingers. He was the perfect picture of decorum, fir to be a noble. His short black hair was slicked back, his eyebrows narrow and pointed.

As the man steps out onto the street the door to the forge closes, locking in place. This man was obviously not Mika, despite the similarities. This man had a darker complextion by far, and his eyes were deep pools of black, like a demons ~*Mmmm. . . Such a lovely day. Tis a shame that I've come to ruin such lovely weather.*~ The man exudes a col , poisonous chuckle, moving over towards the mailbox. He opens it up to pull out the pieces left there by Auryon ~*No doubt about it, tis a gift from that pirate harlett. Tis a pitty. . . Her giving this to Mika must mean she has left. No Matter, though. I'll deal with her all the same when she returns. . . *~ He straps on a pair of steel vambraces and adjusts the silver handled rapier at his side. He walks into the street of the Marketplace and stands among the masses, laughing coldly. The air around him starts to chill as passerby's slow their pace, looks of distraught and depression clouding their eyes and features.
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PostSubject: Re: A Note & departing gift   

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A Note & departing gift
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