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 Rhynna Thay

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Rhynna Thay

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PostSubject: Rhynna Thay   Mon May 17, 2010 12:54 am

Name: Rhynna Thay

Race: half elf and half dragon

Age: Looks 20's Real age unknown

Gender: Female

Special abilities: Makes and controls her own fire just by a flicker of her fingers. Her tears when landing on any ground will make a flower grow in the spot where it lands. Heighten senses. can heal wounds and illness for herself and others. Able to feel emotions in the area. Can feel life energies within all living creatures. Can speak to all living creatures including plants. and can fly.

Pesonality: She is sweet and kind natured. Shy at first until she gets to know someone. She has a child like spirit always wanting to learn and explore new things. Also Naive at times. She also has a love of the forests and anything in nature. Thus is why she tends to live in the surrounding forests rather than in the city. She loves books, music, climbing trees and flying.

Her mother, a wood elf maiden, named Mirenna and Her father, a blue dragon named Rhynock Thay. She lived with her mother for many of years until a great attack by bandits and goblins destroyed the small elven village in the Dalby Forest, she the only one left alive. Her memory of the attack and her mother is only bits of flash backs and dreams in her sleep. She does not know much about her father and her only memory of him is him holding her as a baby and humming a song to her. Her memory of her past not clear she wandered the forests becomming one with it. Turning more into wild child until her half brother Leland Krail, half elf that share the same mother, found her and teaching her the ways of the world. She devoted her life to explore and learn. Perhaps to be like regualr folk to live in one place and earn new skills. She now lives near Dragon falls and visits Eldarus many times to learn about the city and people that live there. However deep inside the sweet girl is a fierce She-dragon beast... A beast that only her half brother knows about.

Rhynna looks much like her mother with pointed ear's of an elf and elegant graceful nature about her. However throughout her body are patches of amethyst colored scales. Her hands normal looking except instead of nails on her tips are golden dragon claws. She has a pair of lily color dragon wings. Her hair long wavy cooperish colored and her eyes deep blue slinted pupil like a dragon's. She is quite a lovely beautiful creature but mostly dresses in simple common clothing and never wears shoes, she always walks bare footed.
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Rhynna Thay
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