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 Along Came the Wind

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Logan Garithil

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PostSubject: Along Came the Wind   Tue May 11, 2010 11:29 am

The miles only add up when you are trying to remove self from yourself, that's what Logan thought when the sign post ahead read Eldarus. Salamander seemed like a loose thread on his cloak; his family, friends, the rangers, their faces were all there, clinging to a corner of his mind. Logan closed his eyes, Should I cut the thread? What use are those moments now. That place and time were no longer his present. His present saw him on a road into a new town.

"Why must you go? Are we not good enough for you?"
She didn't understand. How could she? He was never meant to have a family, never meant to stay in one place. The gods, huh, god, never would allow that. One day he'd return to them. What a lie! And he knew it...
"A town. Could be fun. Might cheer you up. Has good rum. Eldarus"
That's all Trega's note read. Could be fun...cheer you up...rum...How simple did Trega think he was? My cloak may be graying, but I am not that easy. I am not the Dwarf! It wasn't the words that got him to leave his solitude, but the smells of the parchment. Why do I know that smell? So he took to the road once again. I'll only go and take a look around. That was almost a year ago. Many bow strings broke in taverns, playing for a pint and bread. Knuckles bruised on the faces of rude individuals who couldn't keep their mouth's shut while he played. Too many one nights, coyote ugly. Wonder where the good bar is? The winds seemed to blow in from the east strong for this time of the year. The Forest Pass bore lone witness to his arrival.

Along came the Elf in wolf's clothing...
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PostSubject: Re: Along Came the Wind   Tue May 11, 2010 12:34 pm

Finally. *hugs*
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Along Came the Wind
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