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 A lovely nightmare

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Kira Ravensong


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Character Name:: Kira Ravensong
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PostSubject: A lovely nightmare   Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:01 pm

Name: Kira Annihalation Smalt

Race: Human for the most part, in her past there might have been some Faerie and it is said she is a Nightmare, a shadow

Age: Appears nineteen, could be any age

Gender: Female

Childe of: Mika Ravncross

Married to: Renton Ravensong

Mother of: Adrian Ravensong

Weapons: A silver chain link that bends to her will, most commonly a large heavy sword. Bow and Arrow, demon dog, fierce female cheetah

Special Abilities: Now, now... you'll have to find that out for yourself..

Personality: Mostly dark but can be playful. Will bite if the suggestion is proposed.
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A lovely nightmare
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