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 Rock Bottom

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Shizukesa Ryujin


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PostSubject: Rock Bottom   Wed Mar 24, 2010 3:41 pm

The theatre was quiet. It was early so there were no guests to speak of. This was to be expected though..the next play wasn't until that Friday. It was an opportune time for Akusai to drown out his troubles. A gaurd informed him that he had seen an elf that looked like Vaeria, his poor assistant boarding a ship destined for an elven kingdom. He spent all day trying to track the ship but the only hope he had was chartering a ship to the kingdom and he knew he would likely be killed on sight. The young actor felt utterly hopeless.

It had been hard enough to keep Tursac from running off in his ship, but with his broken ribs Akusai wouldnt let him go anywhere. He wouldn't lose his guard too. Tursac had suggested that the man coudl've been re enslaved and that sent Akusai into a downward spiral. He was certain that the elves had taken Vaeria as their slave and now he was far from the onnagata's reach. He had freed the man from slavery and had selfishly insisted he would not drive him away despite the misfortune that followed Vaeria. He was safer elsewhere but Akusai would not let him go. He vowed to protect him but misfortune still found the elf.

Akusai had gone off to the Under City; a place where, ironically he first encountered the elf and replenished his poison supply. He was not going to take any lives however. No the poison was for himself. Because he was in fact a half demon Akusai had inherited caustic blood and for him poison was just another drug. Oleander, aconite, morning glory seeds, and his favorite, belladonna. He had them all...together. He usually brewed a small amount of leaves to make tea but this tme he just mixed the extract of each plant, and the juice from the nightshade berries into a sick coctail that he had mixed with sake. It was ironic for he also replenished the healing herbs and painkilling tea for his ailing guard and left them up in the apartment for him. Akusai meanwhile remained in his room..drinking his horrific concoction.
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Rock Bottom
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