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 A plague of undead and insanity

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PostSubject: A plague of undead and insanity   Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:52 pm

It has come to the attention of the Guard that the Lich, Acheron Drakkar, and his assistant, Lawfer, have been causing havoc in the city. Of the two, Lawfer is considered most dangerous. Acheron is wanted on two accounts of Intent to do Bodily Harm, two accounts of Breaking and Entering, One account of Murder in the First Degree. Lawfer is charged with two accounts of Intent to do Bodily Harm, one account of Assault and Battery, Five accounts of Murder in the First Degree, and two accounts of Destruction of Property.

Acheron is described as standing at around 6', wearing tattered robes. Little is left of his flesh to be able to descrern any details, and he has the power to summon skeletons.

Lawfer is a human female, standing at about 5'10'', with short curly black hair and brown eyes. She wears a blood soaked leather breastplate with shoulder spikes, and is typically seen carrying a large halberd.

If anyone sees either of two, report directly to a guard. Be warned, these two are considered armed and dangerous, and no one but a trained law offical is to engage them.
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A plague of undead and insanity
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