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 Cedrick Twinhammers

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PostSubject: Cedrick Twinhammers   Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:49 am

Name: Cedrick Twinhammers

Nicknames: "Cede (Pronounced 'SEED')"

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Age: "I'm old 'nuff as yer own gran'pa!" (Several Hundred)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Height: "Are ye callin' me a stout?"

Weight: "Are ye also callin' me fat?"

Quote: "Stout AND fat? Which am I ye stupid lout?"

Dwarven Battleaxe - Double-bladed
Dwarven Musket -Bag of 20 bullets, Powder horn
Short Sword
Hunting Knife

Expert Close Combat
Mastery of Axe Fighting
Architecture and Mechanics
Dwarven lore and mythology

Physical Description:
Cedrick stands at about 3'5 ft in height and has a fairly stou- er, muscular build. His features are slightly wrinkled, his hair and facial hair is smokey gray and white in color. He has a long beard that hangs from his square-shaped jaw that is braided at the sides with copper bands, resting on his upper torso. Both his shoulders are broad with thick arms and puffed palms and calluses. He has no visible scars and a large tattoo behind the back of his neck.

As a Dwarf, Cedrick manages to fit the stereotype near perfectly. Stubborn, foolhardy, and prone to quick temper he is an individualist. A fairly socialable individual, he proves reckless in the field of battle and ever vigilant when drinking with strangers. Uncouth and boastful, loud and fairly boisterous, Cedrick has a foul mouth that matches his temper. Not one to step down from a challenge, his Dwarven heritage coaxes out a lack of hesitation for voicing his opinion. Extremely one-sided, his loyalty amongst friends is common amongst Dwarves of similar nature.

A veteran of numerous conflicts between goblins, orcs and anything that threatens to kill you dead in general, Cedrick is a cynical individual that sees little in all the talk of dragons and wyverns in the forest. The Dwarf has better things to do afterall than sit around listening to commonfolk rabble on about leprechauns and unicorns. He is often too stubborn to go into conversation about his past, especially matters concerning his late wife (or wives), instead focusing on stories about the times he rolled boulders onto the heads of sleeping giants or the way a goblin cooks beneath a vat of burning oil. At the time of his interview, Cedrick proved disastrously drunk and nearly maimed the interviewer with his axe when he mistook him for a bugbear. Shortly after vomiting in a ditch, he lapsed about the time he saw Theo Ironfist launch a gnome across Skull Abyss and shot the hydra that popped out afterwards. It seems likely that the ramblings he provided show little credibility from living witnesses.
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Cedrick Twinhammers
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