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 Nyrel Asera

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Nyrel As

PostSubject: Nyrel Asera   Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:01 pm

Name: Nyrel Asera
Known as: Nyrel, Asera, Rel, Sarah
Species: Human
Height: 5’6
Weight: 135 – 140 lbs
Age: 40
Hair: Short, Black
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing scars or tattoos: Small scar on the outer corner of her left eye; a vertical white slash
Other notes: Often seen in the company of a large black stallion named Destiny

~General Appearance~

Nyrel is a ‘pretty’ woman of average height with a solid, well-toned figure of someone very familiar with physical exercise. Contrary to ‘proper’ fashions, she keeps her black hair cut short in a neat boyish style and dresses in masculine clothing with something of a feminine flare.


Rel has nice collection of skills. As you can see below in her history, she spent most of her career as a teacher. In this role, she worked mainly with the pure forms of magic. Pure energy; in every-day use, ‘fun’ magic’s, and magic’s useful for combat situations.
Power level wise….Rel is over average, but not super-powered. She has a limit. But she has worked with her abilities for so long that she can deliver quite the punch when need be. What she lacks for in brute force she makes up for with skill and speed.
Other abilities of Nyrels include physical combat…she is skilled in the use of a broad range of weapons; mainly the sword, knives, staves and her favourite…the bardiche. As part of her duties as a combat instructor she insisted her students not limit themselves to magic, but learn to defend themselves physically well should they find themselves unable to use their abilities.
Rel is also an excellent horse-woman, quite skilled at working with horses and in the methods of combat on horseback.


Where Relly comes from is a bit of a mystery…and as I don’t have her bio fully complete yet, it will remain one until I get her nicely rounded out. But anyway….Nyrel is a teacher. Or rather; was. She taught Elementary Magic, and Basic Magical Defense at a small school for the magically gifted children of wealthy parents. She has since lost this job, and relocated to Eldarus….WHY she no longer works at this school is not something she prefers to discuss in great detail, but it revolves around a disagreement between her and the parents of a student of hers.
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Nyrel Asera
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