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 Ship and Crew Wanted

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Jaxon a'Rone

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PostSubject: Ship and Crew Wanted   Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:40 pm

A young paige from the Ivory Hall ran into the marketplace. He skidded to a stop and paused. He then strolled casually toward the message board. He strode with pride, his held held high, glancing around to see if anyone noticed him. This was the second message he'd been asked to post for the Regent himself. He must have done such a good job last time that he was given the honor again. He beamed as he looked over the board, once again looking for the best spot to post the message. That spot is less cluttered, but this one has better visibility. He stepped to his left and looked at the board from another angle. Or I could put it over here. He furrowed his brow. This board is such a disorganized mess. He pulled one of the other messages out and moved it over just half an inch. Then he pinned the Regents message next to it. He stepped back and looked at it, then stepped to his left and looked again. That should do. I really should fix this board up a bit. He turned and strode away, heading back to the Ivory Hall.

The message read:

"WANTED: Ship, Captain, and Crew to undertake voyage, pick up cargo, and return. Discretion and reliability a must. Apply at the Ivory Hall"

(Once again, anyone interested in a small module please contact me in chat or by email at
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Ship and Crew Wanted
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