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 New Law- Magical Weapon Registry

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PostSubject: New Law- Magical Weapon Registry   Sat Jan 23, 2010 3:24 pm

The City of Eldarus, under the leadership of his Lordship Regent Jaxon a’Rone has henceforth decreed a registry for all weapons or armaments of a magical nature. That includes items magically created, enhanced, or maintained. Any individual carrying such weapons without the proper registration can be subject to a sizeable fine, to be determined by the gravity and ability of the weapon in question, not to exceed 1,000 gold. Subsequent offenses may be subject to larger fines and incarceration.
To facilitate this process, and the maintenance and upkeep of these records, any dealer selling, creating, or distributing in any way, the above mentioned weapons will be subject to registration and a tax on each item. This tax will be ten percent of the item’s worth, or 50 gold pieces per item, whichever is the greater amount. Anyone caught distributing said weapons without paying the tax will be subject to a fine of up to 10,000 gold for the first offense. A subsequent offense will result in incarceration, further fines, and possibly the closure of the place of business.
The goal behind this new legislation is to protect all the citizens of Eldarus, both using and not using magical weaponry or armor. While the Range and scope of these items is vast, it is imperative that the innocents of the town be knowledgeable to the potential threats surrounding them.

So it is decreed by his Lordship Jaxon a’Rone, and shall be placed into effect immediately

(Characters can meet with Captain Foxcrown to register weapons, free of charge)
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New Law- Magical Weapon Registry
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