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 Foray into the keep...

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PostSubject: Foray into the keep...   Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:23 pm

Wow..all I can say is Wow... I know that was supposed to be an entertaining read about forays into the void of horribliness known as the keep..but that was just embarrassing to read. You weren't just kicking asses in there, you were bashing people for TRYING to learn how to Rp. I noticed a fewt imes someone said they were new, and had no one to teach them..and yet you all bashed them? And whomever was saying they were never a noob.. I'm looking at you Renton, who i', assuming was Hero.. You know thats not true. And I was almost terrified when I read that someone told them wer eyou guys came from. That makes the site look bad, if you're bashing the new players instead of either helping them or simply tolerating them.. Anyway..

other people might find it funny, so I suppose for now I'll leave the post up..
I mean I hate the keep as much as the next person...but ease up on the new players. Youc ould of linked them here and maybe they'd of learned, and not been terrible godmoders.
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Raven Blackwood

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PostSubject: Foray into the keep...   Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:26 am

This is kind of amusing. I come from the keep. I guess it was waaay better a long time ago but now it's just full of Sci-fi crap and furries and slaves. Nothing worth noting ever comes out of there. Except me XD Kidding. Kind of. I mean, I hope I'm not a completely crappy rper. lol!
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Foray into the keep...
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