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 for hill, from the keep

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PostSubject: for hill, from the keep   Thu Jan 14, 2010 12:33 am

18:42:48 [jesus] I'll respond.

18:42:50 High_Orc appologises in advnce to Gigi, does not RP here, is only online as a spectator today, hence the blank profile))

18:42:56 messenger enters this room

18:43:12 [messenger] I'll use messenger.

18:43:24 messenger exits from this room

18:43:31 [Hero] Lol...Noobs.))

18:43:34 messenger enters this room

18:43:43 jesus exits from this room

18:43:46 [Gigi] You were new once too

18:43:49 [Zalgo] please dont make fun of my ignorance

18:43:50 [Hero] Hey guys...(That' I know.) I'm going to look for REAL fighters in other rooms.))

18:43:52 [Zalgo] im doing my best here

18:44:15 [messenger] Zalgo don't worry.

18:44:19 [Hero] Before you get in fights...learn styles.

18:44:32 [Zalgo] how the hell am i supposed to learn if no one will tach me

18:44:33 [Hero] T1 prehaps.

18:44:36 [Hero] O much better.

18:44:36 [Zalgo] teach*

18:44:39 [Hero] ASK

18:44:41 [messenger] You will one day reach my excellence, it takes patience and patience is a virtue.

18:44:57 [Zalgo] i did

18:45:11 [messenger] I'll be your teach-er.

18:45:18 [High_Orc] ((someone please fight Gigi so zalgo can watch and stop complaining))

18:45:19 [Hero] Messenger. If you can T1 I want to fight you.

18:45:24 Angelo enters this room

18:45:32 [Hero] Gigi...

18:45:36 [Hero] I AM new here.

18:45:39 [Zalgo] i see no point since people are seeing me as some big joke or something

18:45:41 [Hero] This is my second day here.

18:45:42 [messenger] I am fighting Gigi

18:45:54 [Zalgo] or whatever they call it newb or whatever

18:46:06 [Gigi] Hero, lay off. You were a newb once too. Making fun of her for not knowing is just making you look like a retarded virgin who has no life outside of online based rolepaying fighting thingies. =/ So just lay off the woman. Zango, just keep going.

18:46:08 [messenger] t1 is cool and all but none do it right anymore.

18:46:11 [Zalgo] i think ill leave since im not accepted here

18:46:13 [Hero] I personally call them nubs.

18:46:25 Zalgo exits from this room

18:46:28 Angelo waves to Gi.

18:46:37 [Gigi] And so, I go back to my intro post. waves to Angelo

18:46:54 [messenger] Well I did say i'd teach Zalgo but she left.

18:46:56 [Hero] Nope. Gigi, read the words I post.... SECOND DAY HERE

18:46:56 [Angelo] Fightin' for once?

18:46:59 [messenger] oh well, her loss.

18:47:07 [Hero] Meaning I skipped the noob phase.

18:47:15 [Hero] I've never done OS in my life.

18:47:19 [Hero] played with called hits.

18:47:35 [Hero] Get over it and stop trying to get cyber laid by defending the chick.

18:47:40 Gigi Facepalms "I'm not even going to bother."

18:47:43 Åugustine enters this room

18:47:46 [messenger] I doubt you are new Hero.

18:47:57 [Hero] I am.

18:48:07 Angelo pats Gigi, hands white reeses.

18:48:15 [Hero] I've NEVER done OS

18:48:22 [Hero] Cause it's retarted.

18:48:23 [High_Orc] You should take it as a compliment hero, they think you're good enough to not be a noob

18:48:29 [Hero] had to ask someone what she was doing.

18:48:39 [Hero] I know. I'm happeh.

18:48:42 [Hero] ^_^

18:48:57 [Gigi] Then stop acting like He-Man and the masters of the universe dude. >_>....This aint no homoerotic novel here...well, cept maybe for Angelo. steals the reeses

18:49:05 [Gigi] LAAG! It kills. x.X

18:49:06 [messenger] Hero isn't a newb.

18:49:13 [messenger] He knows of T1.

18:49:17 [messenger] =/

18:49:23 [Gigi] Duh

18:49:32 [Hero] I know I"m not a noob.

18:49:37 [Hero] I've never BEEN a noob.

18:49:48 [Hero] But I've never called Hits AKA OS

18:49:53 Angelo bonks Gigi for that.

18:49:57 [Hero] This was my very first OS fight.

18:49:57 [messenger] I think Hero is colin.

18:50:09 [Angelo] I'm not homerotic in the least -_-...

18:50:11 [Hero] Lol I'm not one of your nub friends.

18:50:14 [High_Orc] They don't seem to get it, do they Hero?

18:50:14 [Angelo] homoerotic*

18:50:43 Gigi was bonked -.-

18:50:47 [Hero] No obviously not.

18:51:06 [messenger] Hero = alias.

18:51:08 [Hero] But like I said. You can't win when douche's want to get cyber laid.

18:51:16 [messenger] i get it.

18:51:16 [Hero] Messenger.

18:51:26 [Hero] SECOND DAY HERE

18:51:30 [High_Orc] I won't even mention the irony in that

18:51:41 [messenger] u r newb

18:51:43 [Naberius] Ugh.

18:51:46 [High_Orc] not quite the right color

18:51:57 [High_Orc] now?

18:52:00 [Hero] Fine.

18:52:09 [Hero] How about YOU fight me then.

18:52:09 [messenger] If it wasn't because I am about to fight Gigi, I would spar you in t1.

18:52:11 [Hero] T1

18:52:14 [High_Orc] now?

18:52:15 [Hero] Spar.

18:52:16 [Hero] kill.

18:52:21 [Hero] No kill

18:52:25 [Hero] Rather.

18:52:37 [Hero] I'll show you how much a newb I really am.

18:53:16 [messenger] spar / kill idc

18:53:40 [Hero] Fine.

18:53:46 [Hero] But make sure it's T1.

18:53:52 [Hero] I'm strict on it too.

18:53:59 [Hero] So try not to godmod TOO much.

18:54:16 Gigi snickers

18:54:16 [messenger] mkay

18:55:04 [messenger] you may start.

18:55:08 [Hero] I'm also counting all damange done to Hero null and void as account of she forfeited the battle.))

18:55:15 Gigi moonwalks some more

18:55:35 Gigi is willing to take on bets as well

18:56:11 [Hero] damage*

18:56:25 [messenger] ok

18:56:41 High_Orc thinks a brawl with Gigi would be fun if he had about 4 hours to kill

18:57:10 [Gigi] How many hours you got to kill?

18:57:12 [Gigi] >_>

18:57:45 Åugustine pees on the floor.

18:57:53 [Åugustine] sum1 teech me 2 rpee

18:58:01 [High_Orc] 1 or two at best, don't suspect I have time to mess with someone who describes themself as a multi-para poster lol

18:58:16 [messenger] nu!

18:58:21 High_Orc bets on Hero, how can you not ber on the hero?

18:58:32 [Gigi] Lol. Yah, 1 hour would do us no good.

18:58:50 Achréiøs exits from this room

18:58:32 [Gigi] Lol. Yah, 1 hour would do us no good.

18:58:50 Achréiøs exits from this room

18:58:21 High_Orc bets on Hero, how can you not ber on the hero?

18:58:32 [Gigi] Lol. Yah, 1 hour would do us no good.

18:58:50 Achréiøs exits from this room

18:59:03 [messenger] -cracks knuckes-

18:59:08 [High_Orc] Yup yup, sadly the real world tends to interfere with my RP battles too often

18:59:43 [Gigi] That is in my book or revelations. Last chapter, fourth seal, Orc.

18:59:49 [Gigi] It's on the pro.

19:00:06 [High_Orc] Yeah reading that now

19:00:15 [High_Orc] Also exessively long Razz

19:00:18 [messenger] man this guy is slow.

19:00:29 [messenger] i mean for a t1 battle. =(

19:00:42 [High_Orc] Considering hes attacking someone who hsn't made an intro lol

19:00:48 [High_Orc] what exactly is he attacking

19:00:56 [Gigi] Lol

19:01:02 [High_Orc] I'm attacking the darkness!

19:01:07 [messenger] hmm.

19:01:10 [High_Orc] I want to cast magic missile!

19:01:24 Arthur enters this room

19:01:35 [messenger] true, i mean i didn't even state attacking in my sentence fragments but mkay.

19:01:38 [Arthur] Hooooo-shit

19:01:38 [messenger] >_>

19:01:39 [Gigi] You cant bitch at someone for not knowing a style and then do a bad example of it..Thats just plain wrong.

19:01:50 [Gigi] >_>..Strike one.

19:02:07 [Hero] Lol

19:02:17 [Hero] I'm even baking cookies at the same time.

19:02:22 [Gigi] Dun you Lol us

19:02:26 [messenger] so?

19:02:27 [Gigi] Get back to posting

19:02:27 [Hero] And no intro yet? Dayum.

19:02:30 [Gigi] >_>..

19:02:33 [messenger] i'm liek cyburin here.

19:02:54 [Hero] the white knighting got you tail.

19:02:56 [Gigi] Lol&Ew at the same time messenger

19:02:56 [messenger] thought you were introin' first dewd.

19:02:57 [Hero] Thought so.

19:02:59 [Hero] ust post.

19:03:06 [Hero] So I can kick yer arse.

19:03:29 [High_Orc] I think he may have missed your intro before hero, ad another if he wants

19:03:45 [High_Orc] Or not, whatever, best to stick to our home chat lol

19:04:42 [messenger] k

19:05:01 High_Orc totally wants to brawl now

19:05:12 [messenger] ah so you guys are visitors that explains much.

19:05:36 Arthur exits from this room

19:05:39 [messenger] let me give you a visitors welcome.

19:05:40 [High_Orc] I used to play around here about 5 years ago and back

19:05:47 [High_Orc] He's been here to days

19:05:50 [High_Orc] which he's told you

19:05:53 [High_Orc] about a dozen times now

19:06:05 Hero moved into the area, as he had previously that night. His from swaying some as he moved. He found himself extreamly bored and wanted some blood. He licked his lips lightly upon entering the large main area where the battles took place. HIs eyes flicking around for his next victem. He then grinned vicously, standing in the middle of the fighting area. His from squatting down as he waited to spy someone he could at least be challenged with. There was no fun of cutting a defensless person's head off. He wanted agaonizing torture. "Any of you! Who wants to show me who has the most colorful guts!? Anyone of you scum!" He would snarl standing up as he jumped in place in anticepation.

19:06:08 [Hero] There.

19:06:16 Kade returns.

19:06:21 [High_Orc] I believe you actually tried to ague against him being new a while up, fi you scroll

19:06:22 [Hero] Now intro.

19:06:23 Gigi updated her pro. Wonders if someone will notice the contribution.

19:06:30 [Gigi] Weebee Kade.

19:06:46 [Kade] Thanks.

19:06:51 [Angelo] Ha!

19:07:02 Naberius enters this room

19:07:17 [Gigi] Yw.

19:07:25 Gigi pats Angelo

19:07:47 Angelo is patted, nods in approval, all kid like.

19:08:28 [messenger] wow gigi I think he's actually good, i might have underestimated him. -posts-

19:08:54 [Hero] Lol.

19:08:55 [High_Orc] Amusing, doubly so since Hero is the only person in the room who has actually RPed, triply so when the other guy is too busy cybering with the chich he was whiteknighting for to post

19:08:58 [Gigi] Ya might have. I dun think he's bad...I just think he's an ass. >_>..Honest opinion. Just saying =3

19:08:59 [Hero] Remember. I'm new here.

19:09:09 [Hero] Wink

19:09:21 [Gigi] I have a post, just still writing it. Lol

19:09:55 [High_Orc] Lol fair enough

19:10:02 [Gigi] Form* agonizing*

19:10:08 [High_Orc] the duke nukem forever of rP posts, lets hope it comes out someday

19:10:14 [Kade] Rejoice, and be exeeding glad: for great is your reward in cyberspace heaven: for it is perfect. Thou shalt shoot furries on sight, and we will never run out of targets.

19:10:18 [Kade] Gigs... LOL.

19:10:20 [Gigi] Anticipation*

19:10:28 [Gigi] Sorry, it's an ocd. >_<

19:10:34 [Gigi] Lol xD <3

19:11:02 messenger : the man enters and watched as he just waited there staring at the new guy who had just arrived, he did nothing and waited some more for his foe to attack, he was wearing a hood and a long robe. Pretty much he was prepared for anything. ::

19:11:17 [Faelyn] Hahaha, I just finished reading your profile, Gigi. Creative props!

19:11:25 [Gigi] Thanks <3

19:12:37 Sniper_Wolf enters this room

19:13:10 Hero grinned vicously at the man whom was covered. " bland, no color...I'll be sure to paint you red with your own blood." He darted forward, drawing his long katana. He stopped short just before reaching the man and brought his blade up in a diagonal slash, from his right hip to his left shoulder, if it were to connect rightly.

19:13:55 [Gigi] This brings me back to the myspace chats days..where all everyone wanted to do was t1 and t2 each other. Maybe even t4 .

19:14:01 [Faelyn] I haf no real profile, only photoshop funsies that determine the next name I try registering that hasn't been taken yet, ahah.

19:14:33 [Gigi] Lol

19:14:43 [Faelyn] I didn't even know people RP'd on Myspace. o.O

19:14:55 [Gigi] They did. On the chats.

19:15:06 [Gigi] Games, TV and Videogames were the three main ones.

19:15:14 [High_Orc] I think every chat has had RP at some point

19:15:19 [Gigi] And they constantly fought over the "deeds" to these chats.

19:15:30 [Hero] I always faught Forum style trough messages.))

19:15:32 [Faelyn] Makes sense. Hah.

19:15:44 [Hero] fought*

19:15:55 [Gigi] I've roleplayed and fought in many ways. I still prefer this one.

19:16:02 Kade exits from this room

19:16:09 Kade enters this room

19:16:27 High_Orc lols

19:16:36 [Angelo] Same here Gi >_>...

19:17:02 [High_Orc] I don't often meet people who actually prefer keepstyle

19:17:05 [Hero] I'm a T1 fan. OS is idiotic, T2 means the person with the least amount of a life usually wins.))

19:17:12 Sniper_Wolf doesn't rp fight anymore.

19:17:30 [Gigi] LIES SISSY

19:17:30 Tenebrae oocly wonders what "OS" stands for.

19:17:41 Sniper_Wolf DOESN'T FIGHT, SHE ONE-SHOTS>

19:17:49 Sniper_Wolf pours color on that.

19:17:51 [Gigi] True

19:17:54 [High_Orc] More like "shit this is the busiest place on the net and when in rome"

19:17:55 [Gigi] Lol

19:18:17 [Gigi] Mkay, peeps. There's people rping so I think we should cut the ooc.

19:18:29 [Hero] He's really slow. >_>))

19:18:51 [High_Orc] he's busy with the chick he was cheering on in another window and tying with one hand

19:18:55 [High_Orc] cut him some slack

19:19:23 [Hero] Horny bastard))

19:19:43 High_Orc will stop OOCing now and await Gigi's long anticipated post

19:19:44 [Naberius] That color green is horrible to read.

19:20:06 High_Orc chose it purposely for that reason, suck it down

19:20:14 [Gigi] 19:19:44 [Naberius] That color green is horrible to read. <---I second this feeling.

19:20:27 [Gigi] At least a darker green..please?

19:20:55 [Kade] You could just refuse to acknowledge him until he changes it.

19:21:06 [Kade] I'm actually not reading his text at all. I'm going off of what you guys are saying.

19:21:20 [Naberius] I'm at that point now./

19:21:23 [Naberius] But still.

19:21:28 [Gigi] Great idea Kade :3

19:21:46 High_Orc is trying to stop jumping OOC, but since Gigi asked nicely, its changed

19:21:58 High_Orc will stop OOCing now, for real

19:22:06 [Gigi] Thank you Orc.

19:22:12 CielloRegalo enters this room

19:22:29 [Gigi] Blah. I can't concentrate well so this will have to do.

19:22:35 Gigi posting

19:22:47 Gigi What else could be going wrong for this little woman? Well, actually she wasn’t little. Gigi stood at a proud six foot, two inches. Sadly she wasn’t standing up right now for people to know that. She had been buried here, in the middle of the Arena by a man who thought he had finished the job. If only he had double checked on that this wouldn’t have happened, so good for Gigi, bad for Kade. Like a scene straight out of a horror movie Gigi rose from the ground, her left hand stretching to the sky as if she was going to grab the moon and tear it out of the sky. Her pretty blonde locks were now brown due to the filth that now covered her body. That pretty pink princess dress was nothing but rags, too dirty to ever be washed back to normal. Indeed, Gigi was going to be one pissed off woman when she unburied herself. Since the grave was so shallow it didn’t take her long to drag herself out. Like a Zombie she stood, slow, delicately, just plain weird. So why had this woman been buried here in the <c>

19:23:29 Gigi <i>first place? Because a couple of days back someone who shall remain nameless –Kade..wasn’t too happy to see her waving pompoms made of decapitated heads in the arena when she was cheering for someone, so he took it upon himself to end her fun. But all of that was in the past. Over and done with. If there were still people here in the Arena then they might see a somewhat odd sight. The woman finally stood straight, shaking off the dust and dirt from her body. Turquoise hues became a bright crimson. Smooth and angelic façade turned sour and if it were possible there would be flames coming out of her body. Gigi was beyond mad right now, but she composed herself quickly. Other than the burning sensation of thirst in her throat, nothing else in her body hurt. Time had made it possible for her to heal. Whatever little shenanigans people had going on today would have to wait because right now there was a really thirsty vampire just begging to feed. It was either feed or find a distraction. <i><c>

19:24:09 Gigi "Zooommbieeeeee" she muttered jokingly, trying to cheer herself up.

19:24:16 [Gigi] Talk about tag fail x.X

19:24:54 [Kade] I think you misspelled Apostles in your profile, Gigs.

19:24:56 CielloRegalo exits from this room

19:25:11 [Gigi] Possibly Kade.

19:25:35 High_Orc quirks a brow at the apperent zombie rising in the center of the arena, but his scouter shows that it's power level is clearly not over 9000, and thusly keeps his attention on the other battle, which had apperently become frozen in time.

19:26:09 [Hero] LOL))

19:26:15 [Gigi] Yeah, I did. I forgot that it's Apostles in english. Apostoles is in spanish. I still get things mixed up.

19:26:41 Gigi notes that she is not over 9000 because she is not on her period

19:26:49 [Gigi] >:C

19:27:17 [High_Orc] lol

19:27:43 High_Orc is only here to record the fight, don't mean to intentionally mock your character or seven league post

19:28:00 messenger : His stare was set on the opponent, before his foe had taken any form of advancements towards the hooded man, his mouth opened wide to release a warning. "You shall be destroyed for the honor of He that shall come and purge this universe and all its inhabitants. Join me and be the sacrifice for he shall come baring great wrath." The figures laughter echoed through the arena, its horrific sound screeched through the newly arrived peace of flesh that would soon meet his fate. From then on his foe made haste and arrived shortly towards his direction, it had seemed that his adversary used a katana as a weapon and came to him at a variable amount of speed. Watching his arms with those intense azure eyes to see the position and calculate where the attack was going to most likely be, it seemed that he was going to diagonally cut him. His opponents foolish mistake was to stop in mid position and the second was to raise the weapon for a diagonal cut. Taking quite a lot of time and his power was decreased due to Hero

19:28:12 [messenger] stopping at the presence of him. Under the hooded figures robe lay a staff which he used to impale the foes solar plexus, it did not require much, just moving his hand slightly poked it out and impaled him. No great amount of damage was done, the most his foe would feel is shortness of breath and pain to the stomach, that would obviously stop the mans diagonal slash.If not the hooded man stepped back out of range of his foes range. "I could've killed you but I rather play with you and bash on your ego. " ::

19:29:01 Gigi unlike others around here, Gigi does not take anything that happens here personal, so it's all good Orc

19:30:15 High_Orc comments from his announcers booth "And in a shocking turn of events, messenger has switched styles, thas right ladies and gentlemen, I don't think we've ever seen this in the arean before!! It's an amazing strategy, he tricked his opponent into a T1 fight and then switched to OS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!"

19:30:42 [Gigi] BELIEVE IT!

19:31:13 [messenger] (yep.)

19:32:18 Gigi bonks herself for making a Narutard reference

19:32:39 Angelo pats Gigi.

19:32:52 Sniper_Wolf has no idea what OS is. Sounds retarded.

19:33:02 Gigi murrs and cuts off ooc

19:33:05 The_Terminator exits from this room

19:33:33 Sniper_Wolf bristles. She wants to mount that Terminator's head on her wall...>.> Quiets up.

19:33:46 [Gigi] >_>..

19:34:16 Hero gnashes his teeth together as he found himself with a loss of breath. His eyes scanned the mans hop back, he quickly seemed to spin his blade around an open and and then throw it as a javilen would be thrown. Only a chain was being held in his hand connected to the hilt of the blade. It aimed directly to the mans left pelvis. If this was to work, Hero would yank his katana back to his form and grin. "I'm the one that plays...your more of the....mouse..." He grinned as he took on a defensive stance, which by looks, was quite lax.

19:35:59 [Gigi] Less talky more fighty

19:36:38 [High_Orc] this broadcast brought to you by the keep arena morgue, you stab'em we slab'em! Ladies and gentlemen, the crowd has fallen silent, I don't know how they're going to take this, but it no doubt throws a wrench into Hero's plans. In the meantime a signifigant portion of the crowd seems to have turned it's attention to Gigi and her marathon sized post, yes ladies and gentlemen an appernt zombie has risen in the center of the arena, what will it do next? If we're lucky we'll find out in 2013 when her next post is done! In the meantime, back to the fight, it seems hero has made the next move and thrown his weapon at his opponent! A bold move, if I do say so myself.

19:37:32 Iria enters this room

19:37:44 Iria . o O (-sighs-)

19:37:44 [Hero] Whitty banter is my thing. And...when it comes to T1 you can't post more than a couple attacks. I don't do more than three and usually do only one.))

19:38:02 Angelo waves to Iria.

19:38:15 Iria . o O (-waves and sighs-

19:38:24 Paulo enters this room

19:39:08 [Hero] know that thing keeping me from feeding your hand to you like before. More so up the ass though? Yeah that's what we're doing here.))

19:39:35 Angelo hands Iria reeses. "Why sigh?"

19:40:45 Iria . o O ("Eh nothing. Its stupid. Plus I dont wanna clutter the Arena with OOC while IC is happenin' !") ^_^

19:40:56 Sniper_Wolf :: It was slow-going. It always was. She moved barely ever. Only when the two men down below engaged, when those few spectators were either engaged in conversation or fancifully observing their own actions. It was all so careful, and meticulous. Well-planned. Well-timed. Every little motion had to be perfect. Every nuance had to be impeccable. She approached the nest just as the fight seemed to be hitting a lull. Which was good. The rifle remained cast in shadows, it's dull and lackluster barrel jutting out from beneath a small piece of netting while she watched the fight with a single eagle eye. The scope of her rifle was hooded at the moment, eliminating the last vestiges of glare that may have spoiled her position. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And she hadn't ventured here in quite some time. So now it was time to remind people of who she was. The woman's head lowered, and she sighed skinny across the length of the gun and inched the barrel into position, letting it rest upon the two <C>

19:40:57 Sniper_Wolf <C> fighters within the pit. This done she breathed deep, a single inhalation done more for nerves than any sort of formal exersise, using that breath to expel the fear that inevitably mounted every time she performed a shot like this. Her location? Unknown, of course. For now, she remained in her well-chosen hiding spot, watching the fight from afar and with little interest. It didn't matter to her which one it was. But one of them...? Definitely.

19:41:37 [Hero] I can't speak for Messenger but I don't care if you OOC or not I can do it either way.))

19:41:53 Angelo nods and pats. "Need to vent any frustration, just hit me or something, K?"

19:42:18 [Gigi] Lawl Sniper Wolf. >_>..Here we go again. I wont rp for the time being. watches

19:42:54 [Kade] Oh, that is so incredibly gay.

19:43:49 [Gigi] You looked in the mirror Kade?

19:44:13 [Kade] Fuck off, Gigs.

19:44:42 [Gigi] Aw, whatever it was..I didn't do it Kade so dun take it out on me buddy. <3

19:45:43 [Hero] Wow...all you guys are quick to bunch your panties.))

19:46:15 [Gigi] I cant be counted among those people seeing as how I am wearing no panties.

19:46:25 [Hero] So far Gigi is the coolest one of the bunch.))

19:46:31 Alethia enters this room

19:46:33 [High_Orc] Ladies and gentlemen this fight comentary is brought to you by Gravity, It's not just a good idea, it's the Law! It appears a metal gear solid character has entered the arena and is planning on shooting one of the contestants, either that or she just needs a telescope to see anyone from the cheap seats! I don't know who shes going to shoot, but I'm just uivering with anticipation! If only I were in character and I could warn the contestants, I guess we'll just have to see how it turns out, but hopefully it works better for her then it did in the game, or she's about to end up stuck behind a tree eating nekita missiles for breakfst!"

19:46:34 Sniper_Wolf upskirts Gigi. =O

19:46:36 [Hero] Oo la la. Lol))

19:47:15 [Gigi] =O

19:47:20 [Gigi] That's incest sis.

19:47:24 [Gigi] >_>..

19:47:41 [Sniper_Wolf] I have a secret to tell you, Gigs...

19:47:44 messenger : "Interesting but not good enough you're not even worth to be used as a sacrifice." His facial expression seemed to change in self pity. He was fighting a man who knew nothing of using a weapon efficiently, no matter the hooded figure stood his ground and watched the chain come near his pelvis, the pelvis was the means of the target. His body moved slightly out of range, when planting the staff on a crack between the arena floors. the chain soon was caught only to be reeled in by that staff, once the chain had hit the staff, as all chains would do they would curl around it, allowing him to ensnare the weapon from his foe, using the other end of the staff which was horizontally placed but quickly kicked to its side so it would fall. Falling quickly perhaps if timed correctly towards the foes forehead, a great impact would be heard, as the metal portion of the staff would make its imprint on his enemy. Then the end of his foot would kick it back to the unknown figures possession, holding the staff with both

19:48:11 [Kade] Not sticking around for this sniping thing.

19:48:15 [Kade] Later.

19:48:16 [Kade] Afk.

19:48:25 [Gigi] Ladies and gentlemen this fight comentary is brought to you by Gravity, It's not just a good idea, it's the Law! <--------LOL!!!!!!

19:48:36 [Sniper_Wolf] xD

19:48:39 [Gigi] What sis? ;-; You're a man aren't ya?

19:49:55 [Sniper_Wolf] No, Gigs...

19:50:03 [Sniper_Wolf] I'm into incest. <3

19:50:23 [Hero] Alright....OBVIOUSLY there was miscommunication.))

19:50:28 [Gigi] Oh. <_<...Sheet. Whatever floats your boat then <3

19:50:45 [Hero] Hero threw his katana. Which had a chain connected to the pommel.))

19:50:53 [Sniper_Wolf] I boats are floated by lots of things.

19:51:06 [messenger] (yes.)

19:51:16 [Gigi] Underage Multiracial Lesbian Incestual Pr0n FTW

19:51:18 [Hero] Meaning...the katana would do nothing more than bounce off the wooden staff or stab into it.))

19:51:20 [Gigi] >_>..

19:51:43 [Sniper_Wolf] ...Where do you find that stuff?

19:51:46 [Sniper_Wolf] Seriously? >.>

19:51:47 [High_Orc] Ladies and gentlemen you'll have to pardon my lack of enthusiasm, but in a move that suprised absolutely nobody, messenger has broken out the patented keep Kewl Powerz (TM). We new it was coming sooner or later, but we all hoped they wouldn't come out till at least the third post. What will Hero do next, summoning dragons? nuke him from orbit? Or will we see the classic SS black hole summoning before we even get to the 4th post! I'm just -shaking- in anticipation </sarcasm>

19:51:56 [Gigi] You don't. We have to make it

19:52:20 [Gigi whispers to High_Orc] Where do ya guys come from?

19:52:40 Santos enters this room

19:52:44 [Gigi] <_<

19:52:50 [Sniper_Wolf] ... Very Happy

19:52:59 [Santos] I made a 98 on one of my automotive tests. Smile

19:53:12 [Hero] And a comment....otherwise to can it be Multiracial and incestual?)

19:53:19 [Gigi] Someone grab a camera. Girls Gone Wild is about to be outdone.

19:53:26 [Gigi] Awesome Santos!

19:53:31 [High_Orc whispers to Gigi] I come from a chatroom long since extinct, I think Hero is from STS originally

19:53:32 [messenger] (It was attached by a chain correct?)

19:53:39 [Gigi] Easy. They can be half sisters

19:53:58 [Gigi] Hence making them racially diverse, enough to call it multiracial.

19:54:06 [Sniper_Wolf] Indeed.

19:54:13 [Hero] By the pommel yes.))

19:54:36 [Gigi whispers to High_Orc] So if you guys are new here, and that chatroom no longer exists..where were you guys in the between period? o.O

19:54:50 [Hero] Or do you not know what a pommel is. >_>))

19:55:28 [High_Orc whispers to Gigi] I'm not new here, he is, and he's at Eldarus now, I play mostly there, and on messenger

19:56:08 [Gigi whispers to High_Orc] Lol. Mkay.

19:56:32 [Hero] Alright....misour cyber sex. I give, your too nub for me. OS is a shit thing. I"m out of here. Laterz nubs. Seeya Gigi.))

19:56:46 [messenger] lol

19:57:06 [Gigi] Bai ass

19:57:11 [Gigi] >_>..

19:57:24 [Gigi] Its my way of showing the <3

19:57:36 Santos asks Gigi what No means.

19:57:44 [Gigi] ...

19:57:54 Gigi shoves a foot up Santos ass

19:57:58 [messenger] (dude you call it a pommel?)

19:58:05 [Gigi] Dun ask me questions that have no answers man

19:58:17 [Santos] ?

19:58:33 Santos sidesteps; blinks calmly.

19:58:40 [Gigi] I dun know what NO means.

19:59:04 [messenger] (--sigh-- I'd accept tsuka.)

19:59:08 Gigi slaughters

19:59:13 [Gigi] ;-;

19:59:20 [Iria] xD

19:59:34 Angelo belatedly waves to Santos.

19:59:55 Santos is slaughtered; waves to Angelo anyway.

20:00:00 [messenger] (Hero before you use a weapon in an RP at least do some research on it first.)

20:00:06 [Santos] Yeah...

20:00:12 [Santos] I'm awesome.

20:00:32 [messenger] (And I did see your post and I posted correctly, my staff was used to not only deflect but entrap and entangle your chain.)

20:00:33 Angelo unslaughters Santos, gives reeses and...cheese.

20:00:46 [High_Orc] And it's all over! Hero has walked out in disgust! I guess this means it's a win for messenger!? Who knows and who cares, ladies and gentlemen this fight commentary has been brought to you by SUCKS! Thank you and goodnight!

20:00:48 [messenger] (then i smacked you with the other end of the staff in your fayce.)

20:01:01 [Santos] Reeses and cheese? Hmm.

20:01:07 Fureya enters this room

20:01:16 [messenger] (with an imprint in japanese that translates to "dumbass newb" )

20:01:17 [Angelo] Seperate, of course, Santos.

20:01:21 Angelo waves to Fu.

20:01:23 [Santos] FU!

20:01:24 [Gigi] Lol

20:01:39 Fureya flops in to lounge on Gigi.

20:01:40 [messenger] in print*

20:01:44 [High_Orc] A breif message from out sponsors, this fight commentary has been brought to you by matter: because life in a vaccuum SUCKS!"

20:01:45 [Gigi] FUCK YO COUCH

20:01:51 [messenger] and i was sparring newbishly also.

20:01:52 Fureya returns the wave. <3

20:02:05 Gigi is lounged on. Makes Fu comfty

20:02:07 [Santos] Well, i've never...

20:02:11 Angelo pockets heart...walks away.

20:02:24 Auvic enters this room
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