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 Azendal Verisi! (And Masaki too! >.>)

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Azendal Verisi


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PostSubject: Azendal Verisi! (And Masaki too! >.>)   Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:27 am

Name: Azendal Verisi, but you can call me Az!

Race: Human! Duh!

Age: 17

Height: 5'8

Weapons: Hand to hand combat, Magic

Special Abilities
Dragon Slayer Magic-Fire alignment style! This allows Azendal to manipulate the power of fire, covering his entire body in it and using it in his own unique style. It's not so much manipulation, rather than the complete domination over fire. Dragon Slayer magic is obtained by the teachings of a real dragon, who gives some of their power to a human they hold dear to them, in hopes that they will be able to defend themselves against dragons. Azendal's flames are by no means normal, as they were created to burn through the toughness of the most powerful dragons scales. Dragon slayer flames can burn anything from wood to metal, even air itself! A side effect of the Dragon Slayer magic though, is that he can only regain energy by feasting on fire the was created by a means other than his own flames.

Dragon Slayer Form! When in a serious jam, Azendal can call on the full potential of his Dragon Slayer Magic, putting him on par with even the toughest Dragon. His whole body ignites in flames and starts to turn his body a mixture of black and red. Not long after the activation, Az's body is covered in scales similar to burning coals, a black center with a red outline. He can manipulate the scales themselves, so they can cover either a portion of his body, like his arms, or the entire thing.

Eh, it's a work in progress. Expect more on this lively little fellah!
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Azendal Verisi! (And Masaki too! >.>)
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