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 Profile for Akusai Kyoushi

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PostSubject: Profile for Akusai Kyoushi   Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:09 pm

Character: Name Akusai Kyoushi

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Demon/Half-Human

Alignment: Chaotic - Good

Special Abilities: Akusai is a master of poisonous plants and possesses acidic blood

Weapon: Dancer's fan with a hidden tanto dagger, Tessen Fan that summons wind

Character Description: Akusai stands at about 5'8" and is thin and femenine in nature with distinct red eyes and two-toned hair.

Character History: Akusai was born to a human mother and demon father. His mother had been married to a demon hunter who was often gone for days or weeks on hunts. The lonely woman was quickly noticed by a powerful demon by the name of Akuma who often entered the village with the hunter away.He was quickly beguiled by the woman and spent several months with her before vanishing to continue his travels. Akusai was born and lived with his mother and her husband, who was oblivious to the fact that the boy wasnt his own, as his mother concealed his demonic attributes. One day when Akusai was five they were both killed and he spent several years on the streets, wandering and occasionally and rarely crossed his real father. At the age of twelve he started an apprenticeship at a Kabuki theatre. there he discovered his affinity for makeup and was a professional onnagata actor by the time he was fifteen.
As an onnagata he played the women's roles and it suited his flamboyant way of dressing in kimonos perfectly.
At the same time he began experimenting with poisons and sought out work as an assasin to help fund his expensive silk kimonos while he struggled for roles. Even after he became popular he continued assassin work as he developed a knack for it.
Eventually the actor decided to pursue his dream of opening his own theatre and tea house. He traveled to Eldarus and not only founded a successful theatre but enthusiastically pursues the male populous. He gets into the occasional scrape but with his unique acidic blood most avoid such an encounter.
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Profile for Akusai Kyoushi
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