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 the Eternal void

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Ranger Foxcrown


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PostSubject: the Eternal void   Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:11 am

Just a little something i wrote...

At The end of days
When the earth stands still
And man is dust…
Then will our time come
We will march happily into the everlasting night
Surrounded by the tender caress of darkness
The nothingness our pillow
To rest eternally in love
In love, in hate, in nothing
For in nothing, there is everything
And everything shall be ours
As shall be nothing
Our hearts shall be as full as our hands are empty
But we shall know the embrace
The touch of the end
The beginning of…nothing
The peace of tranquility
With the anguish of defeat
We submit, and are accepted
Bend down to be risen up anew
Into the void we march
Carried by the wings of time.
Eternal night, everlasting day
The void a home, a prison, a hideaway
With no escape, but constant longing
Longing for what, for there is nothing
Everything thing is ours
It’s merely out of reach, out of sight
But never out of mind
Until the day
Or is it night
Whichever it may be comes
When the void is no more
And then all we have,
Is all we had
Is all we are
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the Eternal void
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