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 Murder-Last report as Guard Vincent Syth

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Ryou Vatican


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PostSubject: Murder-Last report as Guard Vincent Syth   Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:16 pm

To: Captain Foxcrown
From: Captain Syth
Last night, just after leaving the Ivory hall. Gun shots ran out two one far from the other, Lady Chaltah and my self followed the sound and the smell of blood until we came upon a warehouse with five dead bodies it all still warm, we caught no site of a sucspect, nothing but a ship leaving harbour only for a moment at that. There were two men shot by pistol. And the other three were killed by blade. A helping citzen, who for his own protection will not be named, survyed the bodies and gave us the information that there where two men, one had two pistols the other was a very big man. This was all the information we could sum up in that time period.
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Murder-Last report as Guard Vincent Syth
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