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 Gabryyl's profile

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PostSubject: Gabryyl's profile   Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:41 am

Name: Gabryyl Qinn’Matha
Age: Early 200s, exact age unknown. Appears early 20s in human age.
Race: Drow.
Appearance: Gabryyl is above average height for a drow, around 5’11”, with a wiry build. He is average looking by most elven standards, but still quite attractive by human. His eyes are, like most drow, red, tending towards an amaranth pink and his hair is white and thick, kept reasonably short, although he has sported various other hairstyles in the past. He typically wears plain but well-made tunics or flexible leather armour with metal rings sewn into it. He also frequently carries a facemask made from stiffened leather, with polished crystal lenses covering the eye holes. He almost always travels armed, with two enchanted khukuri blades worn on his hip, as well as numerous tiny flat blades concealed about his person, used as throwing weapons.
Description: Gabryyl was born into a lower House in the underdark city of Berrik’oth. He was the 9th child of the matron mother Tiyl Qinn’Matha. When he was young, he was to begin training at the academy of wizardy, but lacked any aptitude for magic. He was instead enrolled into the military of the House, learning mainly in the scouting division. When he was 150, his eldest sister Uriyl staged a coup against their mother by inciting an inter-House struggle; simultaneously, his eldest brother Yurik, head of the House military, attempted to bring down Uriyl while feigning support for her coup. During the skirmishes, several of Gabryyl’s cousins and siblings died, two of them at his own hands in his attempt to save himself. Yurik managed to implicate Gabryyl and his sister Xorin’de as the culprits, so as the House was collapsed under the combined assault from forces within and without, Gabryyl’s escape was stopped by Uriyl, who attempted to kill him in revenge. On a clifftop near the House, she cornered him and knocked him to the ground. Standing over him with her greatsword, Uriyl began to swear her vengeance, giving Gabryyl the chance to make a sudden attack, kicking her in the groin. As she doubled over, he smashed a vial of poison into her face, and made his escape. Not long afterwards, Yurik came across Uriyl’s body and as she begged for his help, he finished her off. Yurik subsequently became a mercantile agent, as his House had collapsed, and amassed wealth.
Gabryyl, meanwhile, worked for a Bregan group for a number of years. He was trained by a man he believed to be a drow, Tettr Nath, as an infiltrator, scout, assassin and spy. Tettr, however, was actually a doppelganger psion, who was using his position as head of a Bregan to make contacts with important drow, before murdering them and taking their identities. He eventually sold out the members of his Bregan, killing several of them himself in a sacrificial mission. Gabryyl escaped, although Tettr believed him to be dead, and fled to the surface, fearing for his life lest either Yurik or Tettr discover him.
Gabryyl worked as an information dealer on the surface for more than a decade, making himself quite wealthy. He travels around to different cities, never staying in one place as a permanent residence for more than a few years. He uses his wealth to partake in various pleasures, becoming something of a hedonist. He has become used to dealing with aristocratic society, from where he makes most of his business. He has recently moved to Eldarus seeking a change from his previous time in Salamander, his last long-term residence.
Gabryyl is personable, polite, and something of a flirt since his time associating with upper-class women. He is, however, a product of a standard drow upbringing, and is thus cunning, ruthless, distrusting and self-interested. He is patient, and sees the value in maintaining relationships that masquerade as friendship, although he does not believe in love and never wholly trusts anyone, and would betray them to serve his own long-term interests if need be.
Skills and Abilities: Gabryyl has had many years of training in various disciplines. He is capable with a variety of weapons, but shuriken and short blades are his primary choice. He is a skilled and experienced combatant in one-on-one combat, especially talented at striking weak points, and has a reasonable chance of outfighting most of the citizens of Eldarus in this manner. However, he is less capable at fighting multiple enemies, and in fact prefers to exploit darkness, poison, surprise attacks and other such ‘dirty’ techniques to secure his victory.
He is also an exceptional acrobat and climber, a result of his decades of infiltration work. There are very few places that he cannot reach or get into, and he often spends nights among the rooftops and walls of his city of residence. He is skilled in disarming traps and mechanisms, picking locks, stealth, and gathering information without leaving traces of himself.
Possessions: Gabryyl’s wealth and underworld work have provided him with a number of useful items. He has an array of shuriken blades hidden about his person, as well as two straightforward daggers, but he also carries two powerful enchanted khukuri. The first is a silver blade, which leaves a slight shining trail in the air when it is moved. It is enchanted to strike faster than usual, and can be activated so that the silver trail it leaves is both longer-lasting and solid, allowing it to ‘cut’ the same space for a length of time. His second khukuri is a black steel blade, and whenever it is wielded the blade turns blood red and drips, as it fills with blood from Gabryyl’s body. Every wound it strikes, however, even minor ones, bleeds profusely for extended periods of time.
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Gabryyl's profile
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